Clearing a Corrupt CMOS

Clearing a Corrupt CMOS

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Explanation: During the startup process the BIOS has detected that one or more of the settings or parameters it has read from the CMOS memory is invalid.

Diagnosis: Normally if this occurs it generally means that the contents of the CMOS memory has become corrupted.

Recommendation:  Troubleshoot this issue as though it were a corrupted CMOS problem.

  • Find the manual for your motherboard.
  • Locate the “Clear CMOS” jumper on the motherboard.
  • Shut your computer down and unplug it from the power source.
  • Move the jumper from it’s default location to its Clear CMOS location, wait 20 seconds and return it to its default location. Note, if you can’t locate a Clear CMOS jumper, just remove the battery from the motherboard and then wait the 20 seconds and reinsert the battery.
  • Now plug the computer into its power source, start the computer and boot into the BIOS setup.
  • Set the BIOS to its default settings, and then let the computer start normally.
  • Now restart the system and boot into the BIOS setup again, but this time create any special settings you need.
  • Save your settings and start the system normally.

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