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Most Followed Accounts in India 2024

There are not so many people in the world, especially the younger population, who can imagine their daily routine without visiting Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. All of us have other interests – some people enjoy scrolling on a timeline, checking if their friends published new photos, but most of them gladly follow some influencers and visit certain pages which content they consider quite amusing, interesting, and useful.

Social networks are the fastest-growing industry in the world. They help people build relationships, as the name suggests. This is a great way to meet people from all over. It is also useful because you can also share your knowledge from a particular area but also learn a lot. Therefore, the number of influencers is growing rapidly day by day. Why not? This is a great way to promote yourself and make money because making money on social media is based on the number of followers and shared posts. It is not uncommon for people to buy followers or advertise each other through their profiles trying to attract new ones. Another very popular method is to organize a giveaway, where the obligatory condition for participation is to follow a certain page and bookmark a few friends. Read more and find the most popular ways to get more followers.

When it comes to using the internet and social networks, India is not much different from the rest of the world. There are people of different interests, but they showed the most interest in profiles that promote the following areas:

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If we are talking about the female population, few will not be attracted by an interesting fashion site. Advice on beauty and popular clothing combinations are always welcome. Clothes and footwear sales sites are also very popular. We would say that the COVID-19 pandemic also contributed to its popularity. Either way, people are informed through these pages if there are any discounts or a new collection has just arrived. Why spend time touring stores when you can do it from the comfort of your own home?


It awakens the conscience of people day by day when it comes to their health. More and more people are starting to actively engage in some kind of recreation, and great attention is being paid to a healthy diet. You will learn from bloggers how to easily prepare a quality meal, and many of them will motivate you with their speech, appearance, and posts to continue and that giving up is not an option.


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We come to sports. Is there a man who is not a fan of at least one sport or does not follow a world-famous athlete? Statistics show that Ronaldo is the most popular athlete on social networks, but that he is also followed by a large number of women. We just wonder if it’s because they love sports or is it something else?

Travel bloggers

More than a year ago, a coronavirus pandemic hit the whole world. In some countries, there are fewer patients and less rigorous preventive measures, in others the situation is more serious. In any case, if you ask people what they missed the most in the past year, many will say – travel. Travel bloggers open our eyes to the world, and then when we plan a trip, they help us make the right decision and go on the trip adequately prepared.


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This mental action that establishes a balance between mind and body is very popular in this country. Moreover, India is the birthplace of yoga. A large number of techniques make meditation accessible to everyone. You can meditate while walking, lying down, standing. The main thing in any technique is to focus on monotonous movements. Given that there are many types of meditation and yoga, advice from the experienced is welcome, and bloggers are the best example of this because they provide us with both a visual and audio display accompanied by many tips.

Using social networks, it can be noticed that each social network has its own special significance by which it differs from others. It is up to the users how they will accept which and which will become more used depending on their own preferences and needs. In terms of advertising companies and their offerings, the emergence of social networks has introduced an entirely new dimension of advertising available to everyone at all times. The goal of companies is to attract the attention of a large number of social network users by publishing content, images, and design. The advantage of advertising on social networks is that companies that advertise can collect feedback on their products and services in a very short time. Social networks provide a new way of communication between consumers and sellers, which allows companies to create a different and more tailored marketing approach.

Final thoughts

Social networks are an important component of the Internet revolution, and as such is an important tool for companies in advertising and appropriate potential customers. Instagram attracts users the most with its posts, such as various images of interesting content such as new cars, new clothing, and footwear brands, interesting travel destinations and evokes a desire to buy and own published content, while most shop through Facebook sales pages. Based on the collected data, it is concluded that publications that communicate the promotion of products/services, discounts in stores, recommendations of other people, and the publication of images in general, attract the most attention of consumers. They find such posts relevant and are happy to study them, they do not necessarily encourage them to buy but make them think about it. Social networks have become one of the main channels of advertising and without a well-designed profile on social networks and daily activities on them, the success of companies is questionable.

It can be concluded that the key to good social media advertising is a creative way to attract the attention of consumers, be it sweepstakes, interesting stories about the products/services that the company offers, and various images of interesting content.

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