7 Reasons Why Men with Beards are More Attractive to Women

If you are planning on growing a beard, you might want to read this article to see some of the reasons why women like men with facial hair. But when it comes to beards, there are different styles of them, and choosing the one that will look best on you might be tricky, the point is that women want men with a beard no matter the style of it.

Sure, some men can’t grow a beard and that is not something that you should be ashamed of, every human has a different body. And you should also not feel hopeless when it comes to finding a partner, thinking that every woman wants a bearded man, that is not the case because every woman is attracted to different things. This is just speaking in general.

Other than making you more attractive, having facial hair might have other benefits, like believing more in yourself and having bigger confidence.

1. A beard changes the way your face looks


Having facial hair longer than half a centimeter will hide things on your face that you are not feeling good about like pimples and some old scars that you are not proud of. Also, having a full beard perfectly shaped will make your jawline look better, even if you have a weak jaw. Maybe you have seen some photos of people with a beard that you know and next to that a picture of them shaven. The difference is huge. A well-styled facial hair will make you more handsome in the eyes of wоmen.

2. It makes you manlier

A beard is a quality that describes men. When we watch movies or tv shows, always the strongest man has a beard sometimes longer and sometimes not. That resembles masculinity and looking strong. So women tend to find men who are strong because of the need and instinct of being protected. Having good facial hair will make women fall for you easier because of the manly look that it provides.

3. It gives an impression like you are more of a serious person


Well-formed facial hair will make you look more serious, and that is a big benefit. Women are looking for a man that is stable, ambitious, and serious. Nobody wants to date a childish person with no future because that is basically losing time on someone that has a future different from your long-term plans. Well, a beard gives a sensation that you have your life under control, that you are an ambitious and serious person even if you really are not. Keep in mind that the beard is only changing your appearance and not your character so if you are a bad person you are not going to keep that girl for a long time.

4. It makes you look a little bit older

In the previous time, men grew their beards to make them feel older. Maybe that is because women like older men or maybe because it makes you feel like a grown-up person and makes you act accordingly. Anyways, that may be true. Some women are more attracted to older guys because they think they are more mature than other guys that they have dated in the past. As we all know, wisdom and being more mature comes with experience, and you are getting more experience while getting older.

Also, men that are older, usually are more stable both emotionally and financially and those are always good qualities that women are getting attracted to.

5. You look well-groomed and put together


Having a well-groomed beard and staying in shape says a lot about you. First that you have good hygiene habits because maintaining a beard is not that easy. It requires regular washing, combing, and putting creams and oils to make it look great but also to enhance the smell, so click here to learn more about beard maintenance. Having it always trimmed and clean shows that you care about yourself, and that your looks are very important to you. Women love men who are putting effort to look good, making themselves better because if you care about yourself, you can care about others as well.

If your facial hair is not clean and well-groomed or you keep your neckbeard, you won’t look that attractive but you look more neglected and that makes you unattractive in the eyes of your future partner.

6. It boosts your confidence

You know the feeling after getting a haircut and a fresh beard trim how confident you are. Having it done by yourself is granting that feeling as well. Imagine the confidence when you have groomed your facial hair, having a nice outfit, and smelling great. Many women are attracted to confident men, who believe in themselves and are walking proudly. When you are clean and well dressed it improves your mood and with a great mood, you make everyone around you feeling the same way.

7. A trend


Bearded men became a trend in these previous years with the more hipster look. But since that time passed, well-groomed facial hair is still trending because of the characteristics above. Many women were attracted just because the others were and you could’ve seen photos of handsome men everywhere on the internet and social media. Having seen so many handsome men with great facial hair maybe made them rethink their taste and have a thing for people with great facial hair.

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Women might be attracted to men with great facial hair but that might not always be the case. You can be handsome without having facial hair because not everyone can grow one. When it comes to growing a beard there are a lot of factors including genetics. So, try not to be hard on yourself for not being able to grow facial hair. If you are one of the lucky ones, keep in mind to groom your facial hair and keep it clean, otherwise, you might look not appealing at all.

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