6 Tips To Maintain Your Lace Front Wigs

Experimenting with a haircut on your natural hair can be challenging, struggling, and harmful in some cases. Also, you will need a lot of money if you want to change your style more often. It will require a lot of time as well. Therefore, you should consider an excellent alternative, which is to buy a wig or a set of them. There are many advantages of wigs, such as the ability to protect your natural hair, save a lot of time, and get the ability to experiment with your appearance more often.

One of the most popular solutions is lace front wigs. The great thing about this option is that it is quite simple to blend with your natural hair. However, it is essential to choose a high-quality product. We suggest you check Luvmehair, which is one of the best companies in this field. Luvmehair provides the highest quality hair products in the industry while guaranteeing professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience.

Moreover, you should pay attention to the proper maintenance of the wig since that will ensure a longer duration and save you a lot of money. The natural front lace can last for over a year. In that matter, you can combine a couple of them and always be sure to look attractive without any special effort. Here are some tips for maintaining your front lace wig.

1. Be Gentle When Washing It


The common mistake that can lead to a damaged wig is the lack of attention and effort provided on keeping it clean and in good condition. You should keep in mind that wigs can get dirty in the same way as your natural hair. Therefore, you will have to use the same products for conditioning. There are some shampoos and other products specially introduced for front laces.

It is not recommended to use standard hair products since they might damage the wig. If you are not sure how to wash it properly, visit some saloons where you can ask for advice. The process of cleaning is simple, and you will need to place a wig on the stand and apply water to it. The best option is cold water. The difference with your hair is that you should never use hot water or a drier. The key is to be gentle with your moves.

2. Learn How to Take it On and Off

Another case that often leads to damages is when people are trying to take it off. There is no reason to rush with this process. It is required to use tape when you are placing it on your head. Therefore, forcing to take it off too quickly might damage some parts of it. The same is when you are placing it on your head. That will also help you to put it in the right position.

3. Ask for Help


If this is the first time that you are wearing a wig, there is no reason to avoid asking others with more experience about the proper maintenance. The best solution is to contact a professional hairstylist. You can find some good models online, and after you get a delivery, visit the hair salon so the expert can show you how to attach it in the right way. Also, they will show you how to wash it and which products are the best for conditioning.

4. Use the Right Products

As we already mentioned, you should never use the same products for the wig that you are using to wash and treat your natural hair. In most cases, wigs are gentle and can be easily damaged by chemicals and hot water. Pay special attention to avoid products that contain a lot of alcohol. The best solution is those products with higher pH acidity.

5. Learn How To Sleep With It


It might seem challenging to take a lot of attention to the condition of your wig all the time. However, it will quickly become a habit. Also, taking it off each time you want to sleep can be struggling and take a lot of time. Therefore, there is an even better and easier solution, which is to use a wrapper. Wrap the hair and be sure to never lay down while it is wet. Also, the material on the bad can be important. For example, silk and satin are the best options.

6. Brush it More Often

In case that your wig is tangling all the time, there is an increased danger that some parts of it might get damaged. That is especially the case if you are using one with natural hair. You should comb it at least once a day. Be gentle with the comb and avoid hard brushing. If you find it uncomfortable to comb it while on your hand, place it on the stand since it will be much easier, and you can be sure to fix every part.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the most important thing is to be gentle and avoid chemicals. The habits are essential and you should always keep in mind that wigs are more gentle than natural hair. Moreover, the best option is to always have at least two models prepared for any event. The main advantage of wigs in the first place is to always get ready for any occasion with less or no effort.

We all know that visiting a hairstylist will require at least an hour-long treatment to fix your haircut. Therefore, there is no better option than buying a front lace if you want to secure an attractive look all the time. Also, it is a great way to protect your hair or hide some deficiencies.

You can experiment with different models as well. The most popular options are synthetics and natural. Both of these brings some benefits and potential downsides. Synthetic is cheaper, but it can be difficult to make it look as you natural hair all the time. On the other side, natural option is the best, but it is crucial to pay attention to the maintenance all the time.

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