10 Sports Betting Rules every Beginner Needs to Know – In 2024

Are you a newbie when it comes to placing bets and having online fun? Do you want to know a bit more about different rules that apply to most casinos online & in person? If this is your first time playing any game just know that you’re where you need to be! Keep on reading and understand how to bet, as well as the basics that every beginner should know! Place your bets on this site

10 sports betting rules every beginner Needs to Know

1. Favorites VS Underdogs

Oddsmakers will try to release different information about the players by placing them on a scale and when grading their performance. They will talk about favorites & underdogs that are hitting the scene. A favorite player or team is the one that is more loved and that is expected to win. An underdog is not as popular or talked about.

2. Spreads

The point spread is a bet on the margin. A favorite will give a point while the underdog will get those points. For example, one team can be 5- point favorites and the opposite team will be at -5 against them. This means that your team needs to win 5 points or more. If they win by 5 points on a dot, you will be even. Spreads are usually used for football and basketball.

3. Moneyline

You can also place a bet by taking a look at the money line feature. The money line means that your favorite player will be given a minus designation (for instance, let’s say it is -200). This means that you have to invest $200 to win $100. It is usually expected for a favorite to win, so the prize money is not as huge in this case. If an underdog is at +200, this means that you can bet $100 and get away with $200. Rewards are more impressive when betting on the underdog, which does make sense.


4. Over & under feature

Oddsmakers will also set a number of points that you can score in a game. Total or over/under is a popular betting category and a betting feature. You can make up your mind and bet if you believe that the game will go over or under the recommended score. This is quite popular in basketball and baseball.

5. The -110 number

There is a tax that you will have to face and see with every bet. The juice is the commission you have to pay for the book people to accept your bet and your wager. If your team is at -5 and it has (110) this says that you need to invest $110 to win $100.

6. How to place a bet

Not everyone is aware of how bets work, or how you can place them. Well, you can bet on different sports online or in person. Some US states have legalized mobile wagerings, such as Colorado and Indiana. The site that you’re using and where you’re placing bets will usually have instructions written out on the side and it will say how to use their slots, machines, as well a what approach to use for different games.


7. How much to bet

How much are you willing to risk on a game, and what are you trying to achieve? You should understand that sports betting is a marathon that requires patience and your calm & cool approach. You should consider using the flat bet approach, which means risking 5% of your bankroll per one game. This means that you’re only using a small portion of what you were playing with at the beginning, and not crossing the line.

8. Book and say out loud the rotation numbers

Rotation numbers are placed on the side and on the board next to the left team. This is also known as the Vegas ID number. They have different meanings and are used in every game and sportsbook rule. Just say that number to the worker at a casino or at your betting window, and tell them how much money you’re willing to put on the number 561 (for instance).

9. Go for the best lines

Lines can vary based on the sportsbook because different books have different approaches & different clients. You can see the -1 to -2 difference in different places. Although this may seem like a small change, winning and scoring that half-point will make a dramatic difference in the long-run play, as well as if you are betting a large sum of money.

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10. Try to understand different strengths & weaknesses

You should understand the team, study them, and look into their strengths and weaknesses. What are their odds, and where do they stand? Is one team better than the other, and have they had some recent ups and downs in their gameplay? Were some players injured? Although not really a sports bet question or important approach, it is a strategic way to get the answers that will help you place that bet.


PS: Always enjoy your time

Although these tips & tricks are quite helpful and will help you score big, you should always have fun during the process, and not stress about the outcome. If the game stops being fun or if it starts to bore you, take a step black & relax. Make sure that you enjoy playing it and have an optimistic approach before you start to invest money, big or small.

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