Five Major Issues in the Crawl Space and Their Solutions

Since the very inception of human beings, man has proven his intelligence in various ways. He made tools to defend himself, he made clothes to cover himself, he made little homes in order to have a roof above his head. We can see that in olden times, the issues residing in crawl spaces weren’t of much importance due to fact that there were no crawl spaces back then. These issues surfaced with the invention of new and latest homes.

First of all, I guess we all should know what a crawl spaces basically are. Crawl spaces are the most important part of the house as they bear all the weight of the house. They protect houses from the harsh effects of the soil underneath. It’s very natural for a crawl space to get damaged, and their issues are very high in number. In order to deal with their issues, one must look here to have enough knowledge about the remedies and the way you take care of such issues.

One must possess enough knowledge about issues relating to crawl spaces. As it is said and commonly believed that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’, it can be applied in this regard too. Incomplete knowledge about the issues would result in destruction and chaos only.

Down below are written five main problems and their solutions when it comes to crawl space and it’s problems.

1. Sloppy floors


The most common issue of the underground tunnel is the floors that turn sloppy. You can easily detect them while walking around the walls of the outer periphery of your house. It happens because the space beneath your house has turned hollow. You may bow something to it. This deficiency creates a space between the floors and walls. The floors are messy and sloppy.
Worry not as have got you covered. We have every solution that you desire. To tackle this problem, jacks are used. These jacks are quick and easy to straighten the sloppy floors. You can get rid of the sloppy floors with this technique. You should hire experts who can offer the best crawl space repair services in Charleston SC.

2. Post & pad replacement


If you visit the murky crawl space beneath your house, you might see the rotten pieces of already kept post & pad. They break due to moisture and fungal growth. They cause severe problems to the foundation.

The main task is to replace the old post & pad to support the structural foundation so that the issue of crawl space be neglected in all the times to come.

3. Moisture causing issues


The main problem that occurs in the tunnel is the moisture issue. This issue is the cause of many other severe structural damages, including cracks, rusty floors, nasty smells, and mold or mildew growth. This moisture exists behind the mainly damaged foundations, walls, sanitary equipment, scorching them to death. Condensation of the AC or heating systems ducts is also because of water.

The easiest way to be safe from moisture is to add vapor barriers. These vapor barriers could be aluminum foil or any other plastic sheets covering the entire underground passage. This will not only protect the entire crawl space but also lend it a neat and finishing touch.

In humid areas, dehumidifiers are the expert’s best choice to install in the crawl space. In case of flooding water, sump pumps prevail in the crawl space to push away the accumulated water in the crawl space. Sump pumps and dehumidifiers both act as water repellents. So they help protect crawl space from water, moisture, and moisture causing issues.

4. Structural crawl space problems


The very tricky crawl space problem is the structural problem. This originates when the weight-bearing foundations get damaged, and the house is losing its support from downward.

The remedy to this problem happens in the shaft is the insertion of steel pierces or helical pierce. Both of them are inserted through the holes. They are driven long near the foundation under the floors in the earth. The primary function of these driven pierces is to share the burden upon the damaged foundations. As soon as the pressure shifts to these pillars, the house gets its original position. The difference between helical and steel pierce is that helical pierce is screwed in the earth while other is not. Both play the same role.

5. Faulty drainage system


Another major issue you might face in crawl spaces is the badly and poorly managed drainage system. If you have a faulty one, odds are that your water which comes out of your roofs or your gutter will have its stop in your underground passages, quite close to the foundation of your home. Soil expands when it gets in contact with water therefore pushing the channel away, letting the water in and creating huge crevices in your crawl space foundation.

The only way to rectify this huge mistake is to make sure that your drainage system works perfectly fine and that it doesn’t leak from any point. This leakage, if occurred, will cause water logging and salinity thus increasing your expenses tenfold. Therefore, in order to avoid and prevent this problem, one must know it with surety that their drainage system is top notch and up to the mark.

The Bottom-line

Therefore, with all the aforementioned facts and points, we can rightly conclude our article with the fact that it is inevitable not to ignore channel issues when planning of constructing a home. You must include all the key factors and all the expenses when it comes to building a safer home for all the times to come. Who would want a home full of faults and who would want to live under this constant pressure and stress of your home not being built on safer foundations? Obviously no one. We wish you all the best in this regard. I hope whatever you decide, bears fruitful results.

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