memmaker MS-DOS Command

Type: External (6.0 and later)


MEMMAKER [/B][/batch][/session][/swap:d][/T][/undo] [/W:size1,size2]

Purpose: Starts MemMaker which is a program that lets you optimize your computer`s memory (new with DOS Version 6).


The MemMaker program moves device drivers and memory-resident programs to upper memory in order to optimize your computer`s memory. Your computer must have an 80386 or 80486 processor and extended memory. You cannot use this command while Windows is running.


/B Displays MemMaker in black and white.

/batch – Runs MemMaker in batch (unattended) mode.

Using this option, MemMaker will take the default action at each prompt. If an error occurs, the program will restore your previous CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT and (if necessary) Windows SYSTEM.INI files. After running MemMaker, you can use a text editor to view status messages in the MEMMAKER.STS file. /session – Used exclusively by MemMaker during the optimization process. /swap:d – Specifies the letter of the original startup disk drive. It is only necessary to use this option if the startup disk drive has changed since your computer was started. /T – Disables the detection of IBM Token-Ring networks. You should use this switch if your computer includes this network and you are having problems running MemMaker. /undo – Allows you to undo the most recent changes made by MemMaker. When the MemMaker program is run, it makes changes to your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files. If your system doesn`t work properly after MemMaker is complete, you can return to the previous configuration by starting MemMaker with the /UNDO option. /W:size1,size2 – Specifies the amount of upper-memory space to be reserved for Windows translation buffers. Two areas of upper memory are required by Windows for its translation buffers. Size1 specifies the size of the first region and Size2 the size of the second region. If not specified, MemMaker will not reserve upper memory for Windows.


To run MemMaker in batch mode enter,

memmaker /batch

To undo the recent changes made by MemMaker, enter, memmaker /undo

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