How to Choose The Right Dining Table Size for Your Space

There is a huge difference between a home and some residence where you sleep, as the home is where your heart is. It basically means that people you care deeply about, friends and family members, are the ones that can make a real home, regardless of whether you live in some apartment or a villa.

Of course, family dinners are of such vast importance, as it is the time reserved for a family, meaning that no phones or any other distraction is allowed, and all of that is why picking a dining table is so significant. So, to make your decision easier, we will focus now on the tips on how to pick the perfect one for you.

Overall functionality


Okay, the first thing when we talk about, well, anything about our home is whether we’re going to use it, and if so, how often. Now, this is the first question to ask yourself here, as it all starts from there. Yes, other factors contribute too when deciding on the size of the dining table, but it can be a huge difference if someone lives by themself or if they have a significant other and a couple of kids as well.

On top of this comes the next factor, which is about how often people come to dinner, and if someone greets and welcomes people to their home several times a month, then this too should play a huge role in their decision-making.

On the other hand, some factors, like the size of the house and the room, are also something to keep in mind, as some folks have a huge family and are social and like to invite others over, but they simply don’t have where to greet them all. That is where custom tables that expand and that you can adjust based on the needs are such a great invention.

Namely, these dining tables are ideal for those who simply don’t have enough space for a traditionally big dining table. It’s also great to know that modern types can be folded and extended in many ways, meaning that you can adjust them based on the number of people dining.

Now, since we have covered the essential aspects, let’s focus more on the specifics so that you will have all the info needed when searching for one.

The size of the family

Another thing we need to pay attention to when choosing the right table is how big our family is and how many individuals will eat at it every day. Most families love to have their meals together at the same table, as it is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together, talk about their day, and enjoy tasteful dishes, so it is important to make sure that every family member will have enough space.

Of course, it can be pretty challenging for big families to find one of the right sizes that can fit into the desired area, but it is crucial to do it since having a meal together always improves the family dynamics. By some standards, the distance from the walls should be around 36 inches, and from the doorway, approximately 50. Of course, these are just some universally accepted standards that you don’t need to follow, as the best advice anyone can give you is to set it up by your taste.

Don’t skip modern designs and solutions


We have already mentioned how there are various designs and solutions today, especially for small condos and apartments. Depending on your preferences and the style you want to go with, there are modern flop tables, those that can be extended in various ways, etc. Yet another pretty popular solution is the one that can be a part of the kitchen.

Of course, there are many ways this work, and it can be just an extended part of the surface used for preparing meals but can be more as an add-on too. Another thing that’s great about kitchen tables is that they come in every possible shape, size, color, and style, so regardless of your interior goals for the kitchen, there is a table that would fit perfectly with it, and you can check them out at

Think about guests

If you are the one who loves to host various parties that include food and drinks, it is crucial to think about your guests and make sure all of them will have a chair once they come to your house.

Bigger parties will require more space and a bigger table, but if you are not able to buy the biggest one that can be found on the market, try to choose the biggest that can fit into that area and leave you and your guest enough space to move around.

Leave enough space around


It is important to measure the size of the area you intend to place it in order to see what is the maximum that can perfectly fit in and leave you enough space to move around without hitting the chair all the time or needing to crawl between them and the wall.

We have already mentioned the desired sizes and how far from the wall or the doorway one should be placed, so if anything else doesn’t work, make sure to follow those instructions.

Choose the right shape

They come in various shapes, and in most cases, we can choose between squared, rectangular, oval, or rounded ones, but it is necessary to keep in mind that each of them requires a different amount of space. If your dining area is wide and spacious, rounded or oval types can be the best choice to add some elegance to it and enhance the look of the entire home.

On the other side, rectangular and square ones are a much better choice for smaller rooms because they require less space and can fit better into tinier dining areas. Of course, it’s up to each one of us to make the final decision, but all these tips should be of vast help.

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