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Is CBD Actually Safe To mix With Alcohol?

Do you also have the impression that CBD products are on every step and on every shelf in a supermarket, while until a few years ago you didn’t even know or had barely heard of CBD? The reason for this is not some marketing ploy or unfounded craze of people for a particular product, as has often happened in the past. The primary reasons why CBD products have flooded the market are that it has been proven how many health benefits CBD has, as well as marijuana, and anything that has anything to do with it is no longer stigmatized, as was the case before.

That is why the market is flooded with various products you already use, but with the addition of CBD. These are most often cosmetic products, but also food, gummies, and many others. You guessed it, alcohol is no exception. Beer with the addition of CBD, then shots, and also cocktails appeared on the market. So it’s no wonder that the question has arisen as to whether it’s a safe mix of CBD and alcohol, as people think it might be harmful when combined. To solve these dilemmas for you, we have collected relevant data regarding the relationship between CBD and alcohol, and you can read all this in this article.

What is CBD?

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We believe that by now you already know what CBD is, but we will still say it for all those who are wondering what it is. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many compounds found in cannabis. Along with THC, it is the most famous compound in cannabis, but unlike THC, it has no psychoactive effect, so it is legal everywhere. It is most often used in the form of oil to treat various diseases, but as we have already said, it is now present in all forms. If it contains less than 0.3 percent THC, no special license is required to produce or sell CBD products.

Is it safe to mix alcohol and CBD?

You have to keep in mind that because CBD is popular for just a few years, so there are not many studies and also no study so far has talked about the long-term effects of mixing these two things. We will know more about that in upcoming years. However, from what we currently know, it is safe to mix. It can even be beneficial. According to the DailyCBDMag it will help you drink without harming your brain, liver, or waistline.  There are more than few reasons why it is considered safe. First of all, it is not known that anyone overdosed on CBD ever. And since many people consume it, we are sure until now someone will overdose if that is possible. So obviously it is not. That implies that if you drink a reasonable amount of alcohol, the addition of CBD cannot harm you. So if we talk about the negative impact of this mix, there is no negative impact apart from what we already know about alcohol. Of course, it is necessary for everyone to be careful and pay attention if they do not feel well mixing these two substances.

Do they have a stronger effect together?

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There is more than one documented experience that people felt different than when they were drunk only from alcohol. Although this may only be their subjective feeling, it is still thought that adding CBD to alcohol can intensify the well-known effect of alcohol, also known as the amplifying effect. That’s why you should be careful, because you can feel the effect of both amplified, and you may not like these effects. Still, most said they felt better than when they only consumed alcohol so adding CBD to it is what we can expect even more in the next five or ten years.

What about hangovers?

It was thought that adding CBD to alcohol would help reduce the negative effects that occur immediately, such as impairment of motor skills, altered behavior, and more. Unfortunately, however, it has not been proven to help in any way. But there are certain indications that it helps with hangovers. We all hate that feeling the day after we drank alcohol and would like to have a magical substance that will get rid of headaches, nausea, tinnitus, and the like. Although CBD is not a magic substance and will not immediately solve all your problems, according to certain studies, it will reduce the negative effects. The antioxidant properties of CBD are primarily responsible for this. Of course, how much effect it will have depends primarily on the individual but it should help you at least a bit. But it certainly can’t harm you in any way, and it can help, so why not give it a try?

CBD helps in treating addiction

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CBD is increasingly used for alcohol withdrawal. The idea came to people who have experienced the positive effects of CBD on hangovers, so they thought that the same should be tried when it comes to treating addiction, or withdrawal symptoms. As with everything else about CBD, more research is needed, but the results so far are very promising. It helps significantly alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms, which is the first step towards successfully completing the addiction treatment process. It has even been proven in laboratory studies conducted on animals that it reduces the likelihood of relapse, and reduces the desire to consume alcohol. When the research that is currently underway is over, we will know even more details but we wouldn’t be surprised if CBD becomes very important in treating alcohol addiction.


The most important thing is to be moderate. You don’t have to worry and you are free to try alcohol with CBD, but in quantities that can’t harm you. Try beer and wine first, because they have a lower percentage of alcohol, and only later try cocktails and shots. Consume until you feel positive effects such as relaxation, but know when it’s time to stop. Otherwise, all the CBD in the world will not help you with a hangover the next day, and it can also be life-threatening. The bottom line is that CBD is there to stay, and you need to take advantage of all the positive effects.

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