graphics MS-DOS Command

(or Screen Print)

Type: External (2.0 and later)


GRAPHICS [printer type][profile] [/B][/R][/LCD][/PB:(id)] [/C][/F][/P(port)]

Purpose: Provides a way to print contents of a graphics screen display.


After using this command, pressing Shift + PrtSc (or calling for a printout using some application programs) prints the screen contents on the printer in graphics mode (printer must be capable of printing in graphics mode). If the display is currently in 320 by 200 color/graphics mode, and if you are using a graphics printer, the screen will be printed with up to four shades of gray. If the display is currently in 640 by 200 color/graphics mode, the screen contents will be printed sideways. You can also print the contents of the screen from a program. Use the following coding: PUSH BP INT 5 POP BP In graphics mode, printing will take considerably longer.


printer type

The printer capabilities will change with different computer/printer combinations; however, the setting for this option will generally be as follows:

COLOR1 – IBM-compatible color printer with black ribbon COLOR4 – IBM-compatible color printer (standard four color ribbon) COLOR8 – IBM-compatible color printer (special four color ribbon) HYDEFAULT – Any Hewlett-Packard PCL printer DESKJET – A Hewlett-Packard DeskJet printer COMPACT – IBM-compatible compact graphics printer (versions before 4) GRAPHICS – IBM-compatible graphics printer, Proprinter, Pageprinter, or Quietwriter GRAPHICSWIDE – IBM-compatible ProPrinter or Quietwriter with 11 inch carriage (DOS Version s 4 and 5) LASERJET – A Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer (DOS Version 5 and later) LASERJETII – A Hewlett-Packard LaserJet II printer (DOS Version 5 and later) PAINTJET – A Hewlett-Packard PaintJet printer (DOS Version 5 and later) QUIETJET – A Hewlett-Packard QuietJet printer (DOS Version 5 and later) QUIETJETPLUS – A Hewlett-Packard QUIETJet Plus printer (DOS Version 5 and later) RUGGEDWRITER – A Hewlett-Packard RuggedWriter printer (DOS Version 5 and later) RUGGEDWRITERWIDE – A Hewlett-Packard RuggedWriterWide printer (DOS Version 5 and later) THERMAL – An IBM PC-convertible Thermal printer (DOS Version 3.3 and later) THINKJET – A Hewlett-Packard ThinkJet printer (DOS Version 5 and later) profile – Specifies the name of the file that provides information about the printer you`re using. /B – Prints the background in color using a graphics printer with a color ribbon (use /COLOR4 or /COLOR8 option as the printer option). /R – Reverses the print output to print white on black (as seen on the computer screen). /LCD – Prints from a LCD-type of computer screen. /PB:(id) – Sets the size and shape of the printed image (id is LCD or STD – standard). /C – Prints the image so that it is centered on the paper working with an image resolution of 640 x 200 (no longer available in DOS Version 6). /F – Prints a 320 x 200 image by rotating it 90 degrees and printing it sideways. (This option is available in DOS Versions 3.2 and 3.3 only; not available in the IBM version of DOS).

P=port – Sets the printer port used when you press the Shift + PrtSc key combination (1, 2, or 3). If you do not specify this option, DOS will use port #1.

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