keyb MS-DOS Command

Type: External (3.3 and later)


KEYB KEYB [xx][,][yyy][,][d:][path]filename [/E][/ID:(number)]

Purpose: Loads a program that replaces the support program for U. S. keyboards.


The two letter code, xx must be one of the following: US UNITED STATES FR FRANCE GR GERMANY IT ITALY SP SPAIN UK UNITED KINGDOM PO PORTUGAL SG SWISS-GERMAN SF SWISS-FRENCH DK DENMARK BE BELGIUM NL NETHERLANDS NO NORWAY LA LATIN AMERICA SV SWEDEN SU FINLAND The three letter code, yyy represents the code page that defines the character set (refer to the GRAFTABL command for more information on code page usage). The filename you specify is the keyboard definition file. If you use this command without options , the program will display the current keyboard code setting, the related code page, and the current code page setting. You can change from the current KEYB setting to the United States keyboard format by pressing and holding the Ctrl key while pressing the Alt and F1 keys simultaneously. Return to the previous KEYB setting by pressing and holding the Ctrl key while pressing the Alt and F2 keys simultaneously. Using the KEYB command resets the ERRORLEVEL code according to the following table: 0 Successful execution 1 Invalid language, code page, or incorrect syntax 2 Bad or missing keyboard definition file 3 The keyboard table could not be created 4 An error was encountered during communication with the COM device 5 The code page has not been prepared 6 The translation table for the selected code page could not be found in the keyboard table


To use the German keyboard, enter

keyb gr

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