Intel(R) Desktop Motherboard Software

Intel’s Desktop Motherboard Software

We are often asked why we use the motherboards we do, and Intel Motherboards are a classic example. We may not sell hundreds of thousands of computers each month, but what we do sell is comprised of top quality components from manufacturers who stand behind their products.

Intel exemplifies the type of quality we strive for each and every day. Their motherboards are made from the best components available, beginning with the printed circuit board. In the late 1980’s and the first half of the 1990’s, there weren’t that many people that envisioned where the computer industry would be today. Back then, 4MB of memory and a 100MB hard drive were huge successes and computers evolved a year at a time. Now, computer technology evolves daily. Of course, in some instances, this fast evolving technology brings with it its own problems, including a decline in overall quality, but Intel has maintained it course by providing a quality motherboard product.

Intel is entirely committed to the quality of their boxed motherboards, which is clearly evident by their 3 year warranty included with each one. The dedication doesn’t stop their though, as they are clearly committed to insuring that you have the software and drivers you need to obtain optimum performance from your motherboard. We are often asked about the software provided with each motherboard we sell. Although Intel makes it easy to review the software they include on their CD, we decided to provide a preview for those of you who have not yet purchased an Intel motherboard.

There is little question that Intel, the world leader in desktop PC technology, offers you desktop boards that optimize the power and performance of their latest Intel processors and chipsets. In addition to hardware reliability, Intel® Desktop Boards come with the necessary software quality and solutions that are essential for your PC.

World Class BIOS

Intel’s dedicated internal BIOS team incorporates the latest technologies with each new Intel Desktop Board. An Intel developed BIOS offers superior quality, enhanced security, and advanced capabilities such as:

Intel Rapid BIOS Boot
A BIOS optimization technology that can dramatically reduce system boot time, from power on to operating system launch, without sacrificing features or quality. More…

Intel Express BIOS Update

Update your BIOS while running Windows* without the need to create a boot disk or boot to DOS.* With an intuitive installation wizard, the Intel Express BIOS Update is fast and easy to use. More…

With the brilliant Intel splash Screen displayed during boot-up, you will recognize that your PC features the reliability and performance of Intel Desktop Boards.

Internet and PC Protection

Businesses and individuals are engaging in e-commerce at an ever-increasing pace. Today’s computers require additional security to protect valuable and confidential data while accessing the Internet. To help make your PC Internet-ready, Intel Desktop Boards now come with a full suite of software including:

Intel® Express Installer
The Internet and PC protection applications can be installed from the software CD included with your Intel Desktop Board. They can be installed quickly and easily with the Intel® Express Installer, which offers a checklist interface with an automatic one-button installation. More…
Norton Internet Security* 2001
Provides the latest in Internet protection to your home or small business with a complete, integrated security and privacy suite, including Norton Antivirus*, Norton Personal Firewall*, Norton Privacy Control*, and Norton Parental Control*. More…
Intel® Active Monitor
A new alerting utility created by Intel to warn you if temperatures become extremely hot or a system fan or power supply fails. The Intel® Active Monitor works with specialized sensors on your Intel Desktop Board to constantly monitor your system’s temperatures, power supply voltages and fan speeds.More…
Encryption Plus Secure Export*
Provides an exceptionally easy way to compress and encrypt your confidential files for secure transmission via email, on a diskette or CD-ROM, or over a network. And, no additional software is required on the receiving PC. More…

You can find updates located Intel’s Desktop Software home page

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