FrontPage, closing the Folders List

Is that Folders List in the Way?

Sometimes when you’re working on Web pages, the screen can get so cluttered its hard to find anything. This is especially true if you’re working on a small 15″ monitor.

Okay, you’re looking at your Web site using the Navigation or Hyperlinks view, but your screen is also cluttered by that Folders List (not to be confused with the Folders view).

You look in the corner of the Folders List for that handy little “X” that usually lets you close a given screen or program, but no such luck.

Getting rid of the Folders List is really quite simple.

  • Check your toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • There’s an icon, about the fifth from the left, called Folders List. (You can tell that you have the right one by holding your cursor over the icon. A context-sensitive pop-up box that says Folders List should appear.)
  • Click this icon once, and the Folders List will disappear.

Want to get it back? Simply click the Folders List icon again.

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