Frequent Lockups in Word

Frequent Lockups in Word Versions

Recently more and more people have been complaining that their versions of Microsoft Word, including Word 2000, have been locking up either immediately upon opening, or shortly thereafter.

Although there can be a whole range of reasons for this to happen, we have found that most frequently the reason is either the corruption of the template file named “”, or more than one instance of this file on a users computer. This is the template for the standard document that comes up when Word first opens.

To correct this problem, try this two part method:

  1. Click Start, Find, Files and Folders.
  2. Insert as the file being searched for.
  3. Delete all instances of except for the one in your C:\Windows\ Application Data\ Microsoft\ Templates folder.
  4. Now Restart your computer and open Word. If the problem persists, then continue through this procedure.
  5. Repeat steps “1” through “3”, but this time delete all instances of (Don’t worry Word will still work.
  6. Now restart your computer. If the problem continues to persist, and you are one of our customers, please contact Customer Support directly. If you are not one of our customers, you will find continued support at the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

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