Problems with the March 2000 Release of Tweak UI 2000

March 2000 Release of Tweak UI 2000

If you installed the March 2000 release of Tweak UI 2000, you have probably noticed by now that you are having problems with it.

Possible problems are:

  • When you attempt to use it, it politely informs you that its use has expired, or
  • In Windows NT, you tried to uninstall this version of Tweak UI and it won’t uninstall, or
  • In Windows 98, it doesn’t appear in the Add/Remove Programs list, or
  • In Windows 98, it appears in the Add/Remove Programs list, but won’t uninstall.

In Windows NT:

In order to remove Tweak UI, you first need to use it to fit one of its problems with its original installation that prevents it from uninstalling cleanly.

To make this repair:

  • Launch Tweak UI, and then go to the Add/Remove tab.
  • Select Tweak UI from the list and then click the Edit button.
  • The command line will look similar to this:


  • Edit the command line to read like this:


Note #1: The key here is the missing “System32” folder in the command line.

Note #2: This does not work with the pre-release version issued in March 2000.

In Windows 98:

Like Windows NT, in Windows 98 you may have to make a repair based upon which version you installed.

Following the same procedure as that specified for Windows NT above, the command line should look like this:

C:\WINDOWS\rundll.exe setupx.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultUninstall 4 C:\WINDOWS\Inf\Tweakui.Inf

March 2000 Release of Tweak UI 2000:

When Microsoft released Tweak UI 2000 in March of 2000, it made it pointedly clear that it was time-limited with an expiration date of August 14, 2000, so problems shouldn’t have been unexpected.

To remove it from your computer, follow this procedure:

  • Restart your computer and boot into the Bios/CMOS Setup.
  • Change the system date to any date between March 15, 2000 and August 14, 2000, and save the settings.
  • Boot into Windows and make certain that the Windows date coincides with the system date.
  • Now uninstall the pre-release version of Tweak UI 2000.

Note: Any tweaks you made will not be altered in any way.

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