Application Based Benchmarking

Corel CorelDraw 9.0

This script first takes an abstract design and applies a Corel “Art Stroke” to it and then runs various filter effects (spheroid, charcoal, etc). It then creates and manipulates a scene composed of vector graphics. Next, it takes a raster image and applies several effects (add noise, blur, etc). It also creates several 3D objects and performs various 3D manipulations. Finally, it collates several of the images it created and publishes them as a web site.

Corel Paradox 9.0

Paradox imports a large text file and creates a database table (tens of thousands of entries). It does some SQL-style queries on this table, and also runs a find duplicates query. Next, it continues to import several other text files, formatting them and then exporting each to HTML. Then, it opens up some query forms and enters some more data and produces reports based on queries. Each of these reports is exported to HTML.

Microsoft Word 2000

The Microsoft* Word* 2000 workload invokes a range of word processing functions including editing, spell checking, search and replace, font change, copy and paste text, print preview, merge mail fields, insert hyperlinks, background and table formatting and opening and viewing HTML pages.

Microsoft Excel 2000

Operations in the Excel workload include closing and opening spreadsheets, HTML pages and data in text files, spell checks, editing, formula calculation, plotting data in chart or histogram, formatting charts and cells, analyzing data in Pivot tables and naming a cell and inserting hyperlinks.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000

Operations in the PowerPoint workload include closing and opening PowerPoint slides and HTML pages, spell checking, editing, formatting and moving pictures, applying templates, formatting tables in slides, inserting hyperlinks, applying header and footer information, formatting and rotating charts, applying graphic and sound effects and adding movie files.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 4.0

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred v4.0 is a continuous speech recognition application that converts speech into text. The script plays a pre-recorded wave file (a recorded speech) using Dragon’s PlayWave utility. The utility feeds this wave file into NaturallySpeaking which then converts the wave file to text.

Netscape Communicator 4.61

The Netscape Communicator script simulates a user loading, viewing and navigating common web pages. First, it opens up a web site of Shakespeare plays and selects and loads the entire texts several times. Then, the script loads a page consisting of large tables, thumbnails and images, and cycles through viewing the images. Next, the script loads many pages that contain mixes of graphics, tables, and text and does a lot of text searching through these web pages.

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