CPUCool 6.09

CPUCool 6.09

CPU cooling by inserting a halt instruction in Windows 95/98. Optimization of the CPU registers for Intel, AMD and Cyrix CPU’s for Windows 9x. Displays the motherboard temperatures, fans and voltages. It works with all chipset from Intel, ALI, VIA, AMD, and SIS 5595 motherboards.

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Other features of CPU Cool are:

  • The ability to change the FrontSideBus. (With this option you can vary the CPU frequency.)
  • Shutdown Windows by keystroke
  • A configurable Graphics display.
  • Cooling under NT
  • Readout the values programmed in the E2PROM of the SDRAM’s. This is the one and only program to read out the contents of E2PROM’s, and it does it with more than one chipset! You can see whether your SDRAM is PC100 compliant or not. You can see every timing parameter programmed into the E2PROM. In the shareware version you can only see the checksum. In the registered version there are two displays. Every value is decoded inclusive the SDRAM manufacturer if present.
  • CPU optimization for Intel and AMD processors.
  • Memory Optimization.
  • And more…….

New in this version: Windows 2000 system values display now working, minor bug fixes .

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