INI to Registry Information Conversion


INI Info to Windows Registry Converter
By Funduc Software

INI to Registry (see screen shot below) is a neat little utility for Windows 95/NT that will read the contents of any INI file and then load that information into the Windows 95 or Windows NT registry. By doing this, programs which previously relied on INI files can read the former INI data from the registry. At times this is important, as including INI files in the Windows boot process increases the time for a computer to fully boot to the desktop.

INI to Registry was originally developed by Funduc Software to allow their users of early versions of their Search and Replace for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT to upgrade to versions greater than 2.41 without losing their history information. Although there this no longer needed for Search and Replace upgrades, the INI to Registry tool works well with any program that relies on INI files and you have a need to convert that information for use as a registry entry.

INI2REG.ZIP (80K) UnZIP the program using a zip manager into the subdirectory of your choice and set up a program shortcut to the program.

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