Error With Slipstreamed CD and Setup Disks in Windows 2000

Error With Slipstreamed CD and Setup Disks in Windows 2000

When you develop a slipstreamed or integrated installation point, such as on a second hard drive or share on a server, and then burn those slipstreamed files to a CD-ROM disk, in all probability you will receive an error if you try and use that CD with your Windows 2000 Setup Disks.

While Microsoft made good on their promise to make installations of Windows NT easier, especially when Service Packs are involved, by providing the ability to integrate the service packs right into the installation files, they inadvertently created some minor (albeit unanticipated) glitches. When copy the installation point files to a CD-ROM and then boot from the regular installation disks, you may receive the following error message:

The following value in the .SIF file used by setup is corrupted or missing:

Value '0' on the line in section [SourceDiskFiles] with key "SP1.CAB".

To resolve the problem, just copy txtsetup.sif  from the I386 folder on the CD-ROM to the first of the four installation disks. This should allow you to continue with the installation.

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