device MS-DOS Command

Type: Internal (2.0 and later)


DEVICE=[d:][\path]\filename [parameters]

Purpose: Used in the CONFIG.SYS file to load device drivers into conventional memory.


This command allows you to use devices with your computer system that are not normally supported by DOS. Many installation programs will insert a device driver into your CONFIG.SYS file automatically. If you want to maintain a copy of your original CONFIG.SYS file, you should make a backup of it before running an installation program of this type. DOS executes device drivers in the order in which they appear in the CONFIG.SYS file. For some device drivers the order of execution is important. The following is a list of the device drivers provided with MS-DOS: ANSI.SYS EGA.SYS PRINTER.SYS CHKSTATE.SYS EMM386.EXE RAMDRIVE.SYS DBLSPACE.SYS HIMEM.SYS SETVER.EXE DISPLAY.SYS INTERLINK.EXE SMARTDRV.EXE DRIVER.SYS POWER.EXE SMARTDRV.SYS


SMARTDRV.EXE has replaced SMARTDRV.SYS in DOS Version 6.0.


Parameters used to specify any parameters required by the device driver. They are passed by DOS to the driver when it is loaded into memory.


To use the file ANSI.SYS as the standard device driver, enter the following line in your CONFIG.SYS file:


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