What’s the Difference Between Divan & Ottoman Beds?

Beds are the focus part of the bedroom, since we use them to sleep, and we sleep on the bed. But, nowadays, bedrooms are pretty smaller than in the past, so every inch of it should be used smartly, especially when it comes to storage. Most of the beds come with drawers and other storage options, and divan and ottoman types are the most wanted at the market. It’s on you to choose what type you prefer for the style in the bedroom.

Divans and ottomans look pretty similar, but there are some differences too. For example, divan beds don’t have a headboard, which is great if your bedroom is located in the loft area, which means lower ceilings. It comes in a compact size, the base is wooden and covered with textile and cushions, and then you put the appropriate mattress over it. In many cases, you can order your divan bed based on the mattress measurements. Most of the time, the additional storage comes as drawers or luggage-like components.


On the other hand, the ottoman beds provide different designs of headboards, and you can choose the one you think will fit nicely in your room. The storage is large and divided most of the time with wooden boards that can help you organize your belongings. The mattress part can be lifted and closed using a mechanism, that includes pistons.

So, we can conclude that the main difference between these two types of beds are the ways how the user can reach the storage and the mechanism used to combine the whole construction. And of course, the headboard part, which can be crucial when you have to make the final choice.

And now, we can see the benefits of both choices.

Divan beds


The base and mattress are nicely matching, and the construction is usually covered with the same fabric. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose a fixed mattress, or you can go for the additional piece since most of the time the storage issue is resolved with drawers. Anyway, the basic and original option is when the base is paired with the mattress, and as we said, sometimes people order the beds following the mattress size and dimensions.

Divan beds are maybe the most popular option for the people who live in apartments since they provide comfort, they can save space, and of course, they are worth the money you invest.

Usually, they are easy to assemble, and you won’t need to hire a professional to help you with that. But, if you think it’s a too difficult task for you, then you can use some help. You can buy the bed and mattress separately, in order to choose the one you need. If you and your partner have different sleeping preferences, you can combine different mattresses, including standard ones, orthopedic, memory foam, or latex types. It’s all up to you. Additionally, if you buy the bed with the mattress that is offered in the store, you can even easily fit it into your budget.

Their frame is smaller than the standard beds for the bedroom since there is no space around the mattress. Usually, every inch is meaningful, especially when you are limited with space. Also, you can adjust the storage options, and choose if you prefer drawers or the standard storage you can use for blankets during the summer. Check the affordable options on, and we are sure you can find something you like.

Ottoman beds


While divans use drawers mostly, the ottomans provide an advanced mechanism that helps you lift the mattress board up to reach the storage space. The opening looks like a bird’s beak, and you can use an opening option in the feet area, or from one of the sides. Ottomans are also a great choice for smaller bedrooms. By using them, your bedroom will always be tidy, because they provide the whole area under the mattress as storage. Compared to the divans, they use less space, because there is only one frame that is usually supported with a wooden board in the middle.

They are easy to use since the mechanism is simple and safe. You can keep it up as long as you need it, and it won’t collapse until you decide to close the bed. Also, ottoman beds don’t usually come with a mattress, like the divans, and you will have to buy them separately. Their dimensions are similar, which means ottomans don’t take a lot of space too. They also come in single, double, king size, or super king size, depending on your needs. You can choose the headboard to be compatible with the general style in your room. There aren’t weight and height restrictions, but surely you have to follow the free space you have, and the number of things you are planning to store, so you can choose the right model. Also, people in the salons are very likely to help you make the right choice.


What’s your choice?

At this point, knowing that they are pretty similar, and there is no huge difference between ottomans and divans, it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer. Anyway, you need to measure the available space you have, and the things you want to store under the bed, so you can easily find out which model will fit better in your bedroom. Keep in mind that the people who work with beds are there to help you with your decision and perfect solution. Don’t forget that you will primarily use it for sleeping, and that should be your priority when choosing the bed.

Now when you know everything you need to know about different types of beds, the storage options they offer, and the option to adjust them with a mattress you prefer, we are sure you will find this task not that challenging as you initially thought. Have the right measures, decide what’s the priority, and go for your new bed that will complete the bedroom.

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