Will 2024 See an End to Lewis Hamilton’s Reign?

With the start of the 72nd F1 World Championship approaching fast, this article will evaluate the chances of Lewis Hamilton being dethroned.

Racing betting at 888sports paints a familiar picture, with Hamilton being the firm favourite once again. This is not completely surprising given his fantastic form and racing prestige.

Hamilton has won seven Formula 1 title in total. He equalled Michael Schumacher’s record of seven F1 wins with his victory at the Turkish Grand Prix last year. That win was the British driver’s fourth in a row, making him unquestionably the most in-form driver.

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Why is Hamilton so Successful?

Hamilton is out in front when it comes to Grand Prix wins, with 94 victories compared to Schumacher’s 91. Part of his success can be put down to the strength and balance he brings to his performance.
Hamilton knows exactly when to brake at the last possible moment for a bend or a curve in the track, maintaining maximum speed and control. Bur while Hamilton has all the skills needed for F1 glory in abundance, other factors also prime him for pole position.

Hamilton and Mercedes

Hamilton recently negotiated a one-season contract renewal with Mercedes. Their partnership has been hugely successful and is a large part of delivering the driver with the state-of-the-art car he needs to race so brilliantly.

While the future past the 2024 season has not yet been clarified, the 36-year-old Hamilton still has a lot of racing left in him and is clear favourite to defend his title. The urge to compete will surely be as strong as ever. Whether it can provide the impetus to overtake Schumacher’s record total of F1 championships remains to be seen.
All drivers’ success stories have to end somewhere – perhaps 2024 will be the time when a new champion emerges?

The Main Contenders

Red Bull look well placed to make a strong impression this season. The team has been tipped to win the constructors championship, while the pairing of drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez has skill and experience in abundance.
With a threat coming from both cars, Red Bull is reliant on a resilient partnership in every sense. They finished last season with a resounding win in Abu Dhabi, a venue that had formerly been a favourite for Mercedes. This will spur them on in their pursuit of the favourites.

Hamilton’s former team McLaren also have a strong pairing of drivers this year plus a fresh injection of funds. The team has not enjoyed an F1 win since the 2012 season.

That could be set to change with the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo from Renault. He joins Lando Norris, who took McLaren to the podium in third place last year in Austria.

The team have also revealed a change of engine for the new season. Various systems such as the cooling operations and the electronics have been redesigned, which the constructor hopes will aid the drivers in their quest for success.

Ferrari’s pairing of Charles Leclerc and Carlo Sainz Junior offers the constructor a good chance of improving on their recent championships.

Ferrari experienced a difficult time last year, but none of this could be put down to the performances of Leclerc. His skills and experience provided the team with good strength and consistency, even amid a troubling year.
Sainz impressed whilst driving for McLaren, and in his new team he has every chance of going further with his career.

Aston Martin is looking to former Ferrari star Sebastian Vettel to take them into the frame for a victorious season. The driver suffered a disappointing last season with Ferrari and will be looking to improve on his total of 53 Formula 1 wins.

Vettel will also be tasked with acting as a mentor to the manufacturer’s owner’s Laurence Stroll’s son Lance. This is a role the experienced driver will take to readily, while also hoping to gain more points for the team.

Alpine, the new name of Renault, is preparing to make the new name shining bright in terms of victories this season. Not only have they rebranded, but they also have the strength and experience of Fernando Alonso to offer a positive look to the season.

The lure of big-race competition and a good prospect of racing from Alpine proved enough to tempt Alonso back to F1 after having a year out of contract from McLaren last year.

Alonso has twice won the F1 championship in 2005 and 2006, and Alpine will hope that the 39-year-olds’ winning ways will return to help them make a big impact in 2024.

Has Hamilton Reached His Best?

Hamilton’s rivals for F1 success certainly hope the British driver has peaked but judging by the stats that isn’t necessarily the case. Hamilton wins on average at least once in every three races he competes in.
This, plus the fact that he will be racing in the optimum car from Mercedes, will make him as difficult to beat as ever.


Hamilton and Mercedes will certainly be tough for anyone to take on. Both driver and manufacturer have all the motivation they need to go into the 2024 season with all engines firing. However, there are signs that strong teams across the season’s line-up will push him right to the wire.

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