Custom Information Exchange Solution

The Problem

The director of human resources at a small advertising firm wants to know how satisfied employees are with the current health insurance carrier before spending time looking for potential new carriers. The director wants to keep the responses confidential, and doesn’t want to compile results from a number of paper surveys. She would like to use an online survey, however, the entire graphic art department works on Macintosh® computers, while the remainder of the employees have Windows-based computers.

The Solution

Using the home page wizard, the director builds an HTML-based Web page that includes a link to a survey form. She follows the cut-and-paste directions in the PWS documentation topic “Constructing an Interactive Form” to produce the survey form. She then sends the Web address of the home page out in an e-mail.

Because the form is HTML-based, the employees are able to use their browsers to view and respond, regardless of the operating system they are on. The director has all the responses in a database file, which can be easily used to compile the results.

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