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Have some networking problems, such as transfers and traffic taking forever? Trying to find the bottlenecks and problems can be troublesome, especially when “Ping” doesn’t provide the type of information you really need. Qcheck is a networking troubleshooting utility that not only replaces “Ping”, but adds an abundance of features that are helpful in locating network problems.

Quoting the developer…

Q: What’s good-looking, powerful, improves your quality of life, and is FREE?

A: Qcheck, is a new network troubleshooting utility from NetIQ! Qcheck slices, dices, and checks network response time, throughput, and streaming performance. It even runs anywhere-to-anywhere traceroute!

That’s it!  Based on the parameters you select, the Qcheck console will instruct any two endpoints to run a test and return the results to you at the Qcheck console.

For a response time test, Qcheck returns the minimum, maximum and average number of seconds it took to complete a transaction.

For a throughput test, Qcheck returns the amount of data per second that was successfully sent between the two endpoints.

For a streaming test, Qcheck returns the rate at which the streaming data was received by the second endpoint and the amount of packet loss that occurred.

For a traceroute test, Qcheck returns the number of hops, average hop latency, and the address and names of the host at each hop.

Qcheck Vs. Ping: Decide for Yourself!



Tests the response time of traffic on IP networks.



Emulates real application flows across the network to test connectivity and performance.



Tests network throughput.



Tests whether a network can support multimedia traffic.



Tests a network link using the application flows generated by streaming multimedia applications.



Determines at what rate streaming traffic is received and how much packet loss occurs.



Tests the connectivity between your own computer and another computer.



Tests network performance between any two workstations on your network, regardless of their location.



Supports a variety of protocols and can test network performance using TCP, UDP, IPX, and SPX networks.



Shows a workstation’s physical memory, operating system levels and CPU utilization



Runs traceroute between any two workstations on your network, regardless of their locations.



You will find the Qcheck FAQ here.

Your Problem

The Qcheck Solution

Someone in accounting calls the Help Desk saying he can’t access the database server.

A Qcheck response time test determines if this is a network connectivity problem or not. Qcheck can also determine if this is a problem being experienced by one user, one department, or many employees.

I’ve got a lot of remote employees connected to my network by 56 Kbps dial-up modems. I wonder what kind of throughput they see…

A Qcheck throughput test indicates how quickly a computer can transmit data across any network. And, from your desk, you can drive Qcheck tests between any two computers on your network.

The reception from the company’s videoconferencing system is lousy.

A Qcheck streaming test evaluates the network’s ability to support multimedia traffic, letting you know the rate at which traffic is received and how many packets get lost along the way.

You’ve detected a slow connection between NY & San Francisco but you’re in Houston.  How do you isolate the problem?

A Qcheck on-demand traceroute initiates a traceroute test between any two workstations on our network, regardless of their location.

Click here to download Qcheck! (5.6MB) via http

Qcheck includes the performance endpoint for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.  You only need to download extra endpoints if:

  • You want to install endpoints on computers running other operating systems.

  • You want to put endpoints on Windows computers but don’t want to install Qcheck there.

Click here to download additional NetIQ Endpoints!

Qcheck is a copyrighted product of netIQ. All rights reserved.

This page updated: 8/20/2000

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