Floppy Disk Controller Failure

Floppy Disk Controller Failure

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Explanation: The system has attempted to access and verify the existence of the floppy disk. In doing so, it attempts to access the floppy disk controller on the motherboard and then the actual floppy disk. In not being able to access the floppy disk controller, it has reported and error. On older systems, the controller is a separate I/O (input/output) card that plugs into the motherboard. On newer computers, the controller is built into the motherboard.

Diagnosis: While this problem is usually related to the floppy disk controller, it can also be caused by the floppy disk itself. This problem can also be caused by an improper settings in the system BIOS, whereby the BIOS is set to look for a floppy drive when there are none, or the BIOS is set for a 5½” floppy drive and there is a 3¼” floppy drive installed.


  • Double-check the floppy disk BIOS settings and ensure that they are correct.
  • Troubleshoot the floppy disk controller by swapping out floppy drives.
  • Troubleshoot the floppy drive itself by verifying the ribbon cable attachments or swapping the drive into another machine.

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