How Many Solar Panels Do You Need For Your Home – 2024 Guide

Introducing solar panels to your home guarantees the most extraordinary of chances: to benefit while accomplishing something useful. This strong inspiration has proactively seen multiple million mortgage holders introduce sun-powered chargers. People are inclining more toward solar panels because of the advantages it gives. Its sustainability uses the sunlight and helps to give energy that can be used for multiple purposes.

If you are thinking of installing solar panels in your home, then it is essential for you to know how many solar charging panels you will require. What is the necessary number of solar panels you should install in your home? Further, we will talk about it in detail to get a clear view of the number of solar panels required in your home

What Is The Exact Number Of Solar Panels You Require To Eliminate Your Whole Electricity Bill?


Many people have this question of how many solar panels will be required if you want to eliminate the electricity bill as solar panels are an excellent alternative for preserving the electricity and using the sustainability of the resource. You will require at least 26 panels if you want to eliminate the electricity bill; this is just a rough number calculated according to different previous users’ usage. This estimate is made according to the 310 watts of solar panels.

If you talk about it mainly according to the room, if you have one bedroom, then we will require at least 6 solar panels as 6 solar panels will be able to satisfy your energy needs. For instance, if you have 5 bedrooms, the numbers will likely increase by 14 panels.

These are just a few general numbers according to the rooms. Still, for a safer side, it is recommended to ask your Solar Panel manufacturer about it so that you don’t consume or buy more solar panels than you actually require. Many people are always in the cinema, and as a result, they have to pay quite a lot for the solar panels they don’t even need.

If you want to use the solar panels partially, you will require less than 26 panels or just half of them. It mainly depends upon your consumption quantity and how much you rely on solar panels for energy.

How To Calculate The Exact Number Of Solar Panels?


If you are buying solar panels for the first time and want to figure out the number of solar panels by yourself only, you should know about some of the factors that will help you get the estimate of the exact number of solar panels. Further, we will discuss all of them.

The Size Of Your Rooftop

Check your building plans or recruit an expert to calculate your rooftop area to check whether you can fit the boards you want up there. Remember that the standard board is two square meters. When you get the measurements of your rooftop, you will be able to know about the solar panels that can be fitted on your rooftop.

Assuming your rooftop is excessively small for the quantity of regular sun-powered chargers you really want, sit back and relax – you can simply get better than expected boards, all things considered. You just have to find a reliable manufacturer that will ensure that you will get the appropriate solar panel for your property.

The Annual Electricity Use

The most important thing to be taken care of is the electricity use. Electricity usage is the most essential way to know about the amount of energy you will require to run your whole house. You need to check your previous electricity bill to get a rough idea about how much watt of electricity is used and the year around the electricity bill.

When you get the idea about the kWh, you can easily trace out how much solar panels will satisfy your needs. The amount of electricity will be more than 1000 kWh for at least one room. If you don’t have the record of your year around electricity bill, you can ask your supplier about it and then decide to buy the solar panels.

The Sunshine Hours In Your Area

You must know a very simple thing: the more there will be the sunlight in your area, the more your solar panels will be able to generate electricity. If your area gets good sunlight, then your solar panels will be able to work perfectly and can generate a good amount of electricity.

Many areas get at least 500 hours of sunlight per year, and many get only 200 hours, so it depends upon your area.

Panel wattage

The wattage of the sunlight-based chargers you pick additionally called the power rating decides how much energy the boards will deliver and most sunlight-powered chargers introduced today have a power rating of around 320 watts for each board; fewer boards are required when you introduce boards with high wattage evaluations.

The Most Important Thing To Consider Before Buying The Solar Panel


Before buying the solar panel, the most important thing is the supplier from which you are buying the solar panels. Sometimes you don’t get the efficient and effective working of solar panels because of the lousy quality material used in their composition. If you want your solar panel to work for an extended period of time and also give effective working, then it is highly recommended to buy the solar panels from the reliable sources that have been there in the good books of the previous users.

Being a first-time buyer of solar panels, it might be hard to find the best reliable suppliers of solar panels if you are in that situation you can click here and no more how solar panels will be beneficial for you.

Parting Words

This guide will help you a lot when you are thinking of buying solar panels for your house. Try to read it thoroughly and then make your decision. It will definitely help you in taking the right solar panels.

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