Wintop is one of the Microsoft Kernel Toys. When installed and used correctly, it displays information on all of the devices that are running in the Windows environment, such as their CPU usage, threads etcetera. To install Wintop, download the file and then extract the zip file contents into a temporary directory. Now right click on wintop.exe and select Install. The default installation will cause Wintop to be installed into the C:\WINDOWS\WINTOP.EXE directory. You can then create a shortcut to the file and place it either into your system tools folder, your Quick Launch toolbar or place it on your desktop for easy access.

We urge you to click on this link and read the Wintop.txt file before downloading and installing Wintop.

To download Wintop, click on this link and Download Wintop Now!

The following picture gives you an idea of what Wintop looks like in operation.


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