Web Application Testing Solution

The Problem

A Web application developer works as a private contractor, selling Web applications to various companies. He uses his home computer for much of the work, and then sends the applications to either a company’s Web server, or to an Internet service provider. The present contract calls for the development and testing of a unique calendar component to include on a client’s home page.

The Solution

The developer has a choice of creating a calendar component using Microsoft® Visual Basic® or any other language program, or using an off-the-shelf third-party component. Because the customer has requested something extraordinary, the developer elects to create a component by using Visual Basic.

Once the component is finished, the developer registers it using Microsoft Transaction Server Explorer. The component is then included when building the Web application, easily done with Microsoft® Visual InterDev™.

As a final step, the developer loads the application on a sample Web site, hosted on PWS, and tests the calendar. When the developer is satisfied that the application is working properly, the page is sent to the company’s Web server.

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