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Explanation: ESCD stands for “extended system configuration data”, and it is referring to the storage of resource information in a system that uses Plug and Play. This message is displayed when the system detects a change in the hardware configuration and therefore updates the Plug and Play information that it has stored. In some systems it may appear every time the PC is booted, even if the hardware configuration has not changed.

Diagnosis: Depending on the circumstances, this message may indicate an error or a normal operating condition.


  • If the system displays “Updating ESCD… Success” after adding or removing hardware on the next boot-up only, then this is normal for many BIOS’s, and no action is required.
  • If the system displays the message every time the PC boots, then there may be a conflict between the BIOS and the operating system. The ESCD information is managed by both the BIOS and by Windows 9x (or other Plug and Play operating system) to allow for Plug and Play resource allocation. However, some BIOS’s record hardware configuration information in a way that is different from how Windows 9x does. When this happens, each time Windows 9x starts it will change the ESCD area back to the way it expects it to be. When you reboot your system, the BIOS will see this change made by Windows 9x and change the data back to the way it likes it. This back-and-forth will continue to happen each time the system is booted. It doesn’t generally cause any problems other than displaying the “Updating ESCD” message every time the system is started up. You can contact your system or motherboard manufacturer about a possible BIOS upgrade to correct this situation. Other than it being annoying to to see this message every time the PC boots, the system should continue to work without any problems.
  • If the system displays “Updating ESCD…” and then hangs the boot process, either with or without displaying “Success”, then there is a problem with updating the extended system configuration data. This is probably a problem with an expansion card, especially if you just added one to the machine. It could also be a problem with the motherboard. If this is the case, then you should troubleshoot this as an expansion card problem and/or troubleshoot the motherboard.

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