Invalid Partition Table

Invalid Partition Table

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Explanation: During the boot process, the system examined the master partition table in order to determine what partition or volume to use to boot the operating system, and found invalid partition information. In essence, the actual information found during the examination does not match that of the partition table itself.

Diagnosis: You should never see this message under normal circumstances. This can occur generally for one of two reasons. Either there is more than one partition set as “active” or bootable (which is nearly impossible to do), as only one is allowed to be at a time, or the master partition table has become corrupted.


  • The standard DOS and Windows disk utilities will not allow you to set more than one partition active. If you are using any oddball utilities to manipulate the partitions, for example in a multiple-operating-system environment, run the MS-DOS FDISK utility from a floppy disk and make sure only one partition is set active.
  • If everything is fine and there’s only one active partition, then there is a chance that the disk has become corrupted somehow. Boot to a MS-DOS boot disk with FDISK on it and run FDISK /MBR.

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