Fixed Disk Configuration Error – Hard Disk CMOS Mismatch

Fixed Disk Configuration Error – Hard Disk CMOS Mismatch

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Explanation: Most, if not all, systems automatically interrogate and examine the IDE hard disk(s) in the system and compare their geometry to the parameters entered for them in the systems BIOS settings. If the values do not match this message may be generated.


The usual cause of the message is a change in hard drives and forgetting to change the hard drive settings in the BIOS setup program. Some older BIOS’s did not have all of the possible drive parameter settings for the multitude of available drive sizes, therefore setting it to auto-detect often causes this error. Otherwise it could indicate a hard disk or controller problem.


  • Double-check the hard disk BIOS settings and ensure that they are correct. Use auto-detection to make sure the correct values are chosen, or in the alternative set the parameters manually based upon the drive manufacturers settings.
  • Troubleshoot the hard disk drive.
  • Troubleshoot the hard disk controller.

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