CBD Oil And Its Presence In Sports Without Legal Complications

Years ago, knowing that an athlete had used some derivative of cannabis during his performance as a professional was viewed with disgrace, it even led to severe penalties that could cost him his career.

However, since the CBD (cannabidiol) boom, everything has been different. The benefits of this cannabinoid have been so favorable for health that its popularity does not seem to decline.

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How CBD oil became recognized for athletes


The road has been long for CBD because it is no secret to anyone that some doubt its benefits given its proximity to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the prominent cannabinoid characterized by producing alterations at the level of behavior and the conscience of the individual, in addition to addiction.

This bad reputation has complicated the terrain for CBD. The good thing about it is that science has set its eye on this compound and has helped understand its purpose as a valuable natural resource.

The triumphal entry of CBD oil into the sport


Since the discovery of CBD in 1940, science and medicine have not lost track of it, it could even be said that they boosted its popularity. And, even though it had been defined as one more cannabinoid, what attracted the most attention was its effect on the body, which completely detaches it from the comparisons established at first with THC.

It has been shown that it lacks psychoactive effects. Therefore, after its consumption or use, its therapeutic benefits can be enjoyed without experiencing any type of side effects that compromise the individual’s central nervous system, memory, or behavior. On the contrary, it promotes concentration and improves mood without causing addiction.

These attributes have undoubtedly been his best letter of introduction, to the point of defining his position before the legal framework, since one of the most outstanding achievements was made known when the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) excluded the CBD from the list created for substances that are harmful to health and that are prohibited in sports disciplines.

Undoubtedly, it was a resounding step towards the acceptance of the compound by society and the sports guild. However, certain conditions issued by the European Union must be respected. Only those products with a high CBD content and whose THC content does not exceed the limit of 0.2% THC are considered legal.

What Athletes Use CBD Oil For


Sports medicine has given the go-ahead to CBD oil, which is why more and more athletes are incorporating it into their daily routine to enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

Some applications are:

To relieve inflammation and pain

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are conducive to counteracting inflammation or pain that occurs after sports training and accelerating the improvement of muscle injuries, even the oldest ones. It is also ideal for relieving the sensation of delayed pain that is generated after training routines.

As a natural antiemetic

CBD oil is a natural antiemetic. Therefore, it is of great help for those athletes who undergo high-impact workouts causing nausea. In addition, the use of this compound reduces discomfort, improving the general condition of the athlete.

Bone health

Researchers have provided evidence that using CBD oil by athletes helps them in healthy bone deposition and helps them recover from fractures quickly. An athlete must have healthy bones and sometimes athletes might suffer from inadequate energy that may increase chances of sports injuries affecting the bones.

Management of sports performance and reduces anxiety

Athletes are always going through anxiety and stress to give their best performance. They need to calm their brain to manage sports performance. The CBD oil has therapeutic benefits that help them to reduce anxiety and stress and manage sports performance. It provides relief from anxiety during stressful situations.

Neuroprotective benefits protect from brain injury

CBD oils have neuroprotective benefits that help athletes to counteract harm from neuronal damage by traumatic brain injury. The use of CBD oils have been found helpful in treating pain, aggression and depression in athletes. It prohibits oxidative stress and neuroinflammation in athletes, reducing the chances of brain injury.

Sleep and wake cycles

A healthy regulated sleep and wake cycle is very important for an athlete. Researchers have found that CBD oils benefit athletes by maintaining regulated sleep and wake cycles ensuring that their natural sleep-wake cycle is not affected. Taking lesser doses of CBD oils induce wakefulness and higher doses help you to relax and sleep faster.

Why use CBD oil in sports?


On many occasions, we have seen astonishing recoveries in elite athletes in a matter of weeks or even days.

CBD is the new ally for this type of recovery, since it has been shown to improve athletes’ performance and provides quick recovery after each workout. It is because CBD has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relaxing power.

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How much CBD to use in sports?


There is no specified dose limit to use CBD in sports. It works differently in different athletes and doesn’t have a consistent effect on all athletes. Some might need higher doses and others might require a lesser dose depending on the sports activity.

CBD oils are not regulated properly and hence there can be an inconsistent amount of CBD in a product. There is no standard limit of how much CBD oil you must use without resulting in any harmful effects. There is a varied range of CBD products including gummy bears, recovery drinks, vape pens, etc.

The adequate amount to consume CBD is by taking capsules. The amount of CBD is specified in capsules and you can consume it based on how much quantity is adequate for you. It is always recommended to start with low doses of cannabinoids and gradually increase your dose if you feel the requirement for it.

Final Thoughts

The application of CBD oil in sports and its therapeutic benefits can help athletes by reducing stress and anxiety helping them manage their sports performance. The neuroprotective benefits of cannabinoids also prevent mild traumatic brain injury and regulate the sleep-wake cycle. It works as a natural antiemetic and helps reduce inflammation and pain from sports injuries.

With such great benefits from using CBD oil, the World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD from the list of the prohibited substances in sports but the use of THC and synthetic cannabinoid is still prohibited.

The improved performance and easier recovery in athletes with the help of CBD oils are worth it during any sports activities. Remember to consume CBD in a considerate quantity to avoid any side-effects.

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