How To Be More Sexually Confident In Bed In 5 Easy Steps

Being confident in bed doesn’t mean that you automatically are a beast in bed it just means that you are comfortable in your body. Without being comfortable, you can not be relaxed and you will not get the enjoyment that you strive for.

Everyone has things they are not happy about, some people don’t like the shape of their body, some have fears that they are just not good in bed and that is ruining their thought process during sex time, some are ashamed of faces that they make during sex but we have to accept that all of this is normal, it happens to all of us and all we need to do is embrace it and change for better.

Talking about sex is not taboo anymore, you can get informed pretty easily on the internet these days. But try to select the information you read and watch. What you see on porn sites is not the same in real life because those scenes are made to look good to you and some things are difficult to perform. Try not to look down on you if it is not the same when you do it. Keep in mind that you can become better in bed and there is no room for despair.

We made this article to show you some ways on how to become more sexually confident and improve your performance in bed with it.

1. Be confident in your body


Not just because of sex, it good for your mental health also. Being confident in your body will make it easier for you to relax and enjoy sex more. Especially if you are a woman, being relaxed while doing it is maybe the most important thing in order to be satisfied. If you are a man, not being confident in your body can lead you to erection problems and is going to ruin your overall performance in bed.

How to overcome the things that you don’t like about your body? Well, that is not going to be easy but it will definitely happen. First, start with embracing your flaws. When you know what you don’t like about your body it is easy to work on it and make a change. If you happen to have gained some weight going to the gym will give you the results that you want but it will also release endorphins that will make you feel better. Other than that, you will need to stop being hard on yourself and speak pleasantly to yourself. Use mirrors to see changes and accept some of the flaws that can’t be solved easily.

To boost your confidence further, consider taking pills that will help you with your erections. They are usually pretty cheap to get and are very effective as suggested by aptekakamagra.

2. Know that you can become better

Just because you think you are not good enough in bed right now doesn’t mean that you can’t improve yourself. Nobody is born knowing what to do, everything comes with experience and training. You can work these things with your partner, talk to them and they will most likely want to help you overcome these thoughts. Try out different positions and see what you want the most.

If you have a problem with premature ejaculation, try the edging technique. What does edging mean? Well, edging is a technique that you stop stimulating right before the orgasm, take a rest then go again. This technique will make you have more control over ejaculation more and you will improve the longevity in bed.

3. Get rid of irrational assumptions about sex


Sex in real life is not the same as sex on the internet. Videos like that on the internet are made to be pleasant to watch for many people and turn them on but they are not a tutorial on how to do it in your bed. First, you set expectations that you will not achieve, and that can be disappointing. Second, you set expectations for your partner that will most likely not be able to perform so that is a bad thing also.

Instead, you can talk to your partner about things you find hot and find a middle ground so you can both enjoy it. Maybe share a kink that you both want to try. With a conversation like this, you are more prone to improve your sex life than ruining it. It will add a deeper connection with your partner and you will also know what your partner expects from you so you can improve those things even more.

4. Direct your thoughts in the right place

During sex, you should think about the present moment. Don’t think about different stuff because you can lose your focus like that. Especially don’t bother yourself with heavy thoughts about how you look to your partner right now, if you are making weird faces or maybe weird noises. Try to enjoy the moment and enjoy the sensations and the view. That will make your sex life more enjoyable and you will forget about the things that might defocus you or cause bad feelings about things that bother you.

5. Cuddling builds up intimacy even more


Cuddling after sex builds the intimacy between two partners even more. With cuddling, you will overall be more satisfied with the relationship that you are in. It will also make you and your partner more sexually confident and with affection like that after sex your future adventures can be much wilder.


We know that being sexually confident is not easy, but by embracing your flaws and trying to change them for the better you are on the right way. Keep in mind that you will not learn to be better in one day, it may take some time so be patient. Keep a good conversation about this topic with your partner so you grow a better bond. A combination of solutions is better and more effective to become more confident than only one thing so do your research find what you think suits you best and good luck on your road to being confident in bed.

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