Shutdown Launcher

Shutdown Launcher

Most people have one or two neat little applications on their computers to perform some task, whether it be during the startup process, such as clearing the desktop, or during an idle time, such as performing scandisk, defrag etcetera, but what about during the shutdown process. Wouldn’t it be great to have an application to clean out all of those leftover temporary Internet files, dump the recycle bin or perform other tasks and then shutdown? Well now here is, thanks to Shenandoah Software.

Step up to the power of a next generation tool! This is the best way to run programs when Windows shuts down.

Shutdown Launcher is a Windows Shut Down Dialog replacement that will run program applications and software during the Windows shutdown process. Shutdown Launcher uses wizards to make it easy to perform common tasks such as:

  • Deleting temporary files
  • Backing up directories
  • Running Scandisk
  • Ejecting CDs at shut down

You can select programs to be run by Shutdown Launcher and define the criteria each program must meet in order to run. You can define a program to run as often as every single shut down, limit it to running only once a day or once a year under certain hardware configurations, and anything in-between.

Some common uses for Shutdown Launcher are:

  • Schedule an automatic Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff according to a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
  • Schedule a Database Server service to stop, perform a backup, and then restart Windows.
  • Stop a running program, copy critical files to a network drive, and then shutdown or restart Windows.
  • Download network patches and virus updates at night and then reboot the computer.

These tools make automating processes when Windows shuts down, easy.

Shutdown Launcher contains the following tools:

Launcher Manager

  • Set the properties for Shutdown Launcher.
  • Set the programs that Shutdown Launcher runs.
  • Set properties, messages, and conditions for each program to be run.

Shutdown Launcher

  • Replace the shut down dialog and run programs when Windows shuts down.
  • Run programs based on conditions that you set.
  • Display messages that you define either before or after a program runs and set what action should be taken depending on the response.

Note: These programs are “User Profile” aware. Each user can have their own programs and settings.

Download Shutdown Launcher version 4.0.2 – 07/28/2000 2.97MB

Shutdown Launcher is a product of Shenandoah Software. All rights reserved.

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