Top 5 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Ladakh

Ladakh is a famous destination which attracts flocks of tourists from across the globe. Known for breathtaking landscapes and Saline Lakes it paints a picturesque backdrop. Ladakh is one of the most enormous places in the world-famous for thrilling adventures, crystal clear skies, the highest mountain passes, Festivals of Buddhists and beautiful monasteries.  Situated in Snow-Clad and barren fringes of beautiful Himalayan mountains.

Ladakh is famous for Bungee jumping and it attracts tourists from all over the world, places like Tso Morori, Chadar, Stok Kangri. The place of high passes, enormous barren mountains, crystal clear saline water, and Moderating flora and fauna invites thousands of tourists each year, Bike riders enjoy the adventurous ride of Ladakh along with friends and buddies, Let’s have a visit to Ladakh this year and enjoy the enormous moment of your life. Below given is the Top 5 Spots To Visit During your Ladakh Tour.

#1 Spituk Gompa


Spituk Monastery is arranged on the highest point of the gompa slope and at the distance of roughly 8kms from the Leh town. It is a three-layered soul altar. It is a notable Buddhist cloister in Leh. This area is honored by the Arhat Nyimagung. The Spituk Gompa which is a Buddhist Monastery was acquainted with manastic local area by Od – de. Rinchen Zangpo, an interpreter resulted in these present circumstances place once and said that this cloister would turn into a praiseworthy strict local area.

The most beautiful Sputik Gompa, is the biggest hub of the Monastic community, a place where the mother deity, Kali is worshipped. Its Enormous historical significance and culture of Buddhism make this place visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world especially from Nepal, India and China. Tourists enjoy the adventurous view of Barren mountains from such a height, as it is the hub of Photo-shoots, if you have planned for a trip to Ladakh it must be hooked up in your list and will enjoy the beauty of this place with your friends and family.

The Ladakh tour package with will definitely give you magical and delightful experience.

#2 Hemis National Park


Hemis National Park is a renowned natural life objective in Ladakh which is popular for its high populace of snow panthers and a wide assortment of birds. It is the second biggest constant ensured region in India, after Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. The recreation center, spread across a space of 3,350 square kilometers, is an unquestionable requirement visit for natural life aficionados, yet in addition for picture takers and travelers, and there are openings for both.

Hemis national park is famous for the beautiful Snow Leopards, with the high density of Snow Leopards, the place is said to be the most protected and safe reserve for Snow Leopards, Photographers and researchers from all over the world visited the place and enjoyed the presence of this endangered species. The Park is surrounded by beautiful banks of the Indus River, which is now a great hub for Adventures and Boating. If you plan a trip to Ladakh, never forget to look upon the enormous beauty of Snow Leopards and the Zanskar Range of Barren mountains.

#3 Shanti Stupa


Worked to advance world harmony and thriving just as to remember 2500 years of Buddhism, Shanti Stupa is the significant fascination in Leh. Roosted on the peak, this strict spot additionally offers an all encompassing perspective on the city and the environmental elements, and accordingly is an unquestionable requirement. On the top of the Chanspa district of Leh, the beautiful white structure of Buddhism attracts several tourists from all over the world due to its enormous beauty. It is a Buddhist white-domed Stupa and is a symbol of peace and prosperity.

The Stupa holds the relics of the 14th Dalai Lama. Due to its religious significance and the panoramic landscape of its surrounding at a great height, thousands of tourists visited the site for photoshoots and adventurous camping. The Shanti Stupa overlooks the city of Leh and provides you with the best view of the city, Sunsets and Sunrise is considered to be the best view of this place. Must include this Place in the list of your Ladakh trip and have a great day there.

#4 Pangong Tso Lake


Pangong Tso Lake is one of those spots which you can envision would be exceptionally delightful, yet it’s not until you visit it that you deal with its magnificence. Among the other well known lakes in Ladakh, this one is particularly famous both due to its stunning magnificence and being a fragile line point along the Line of Actual Control. It accomplished colossal fame subsequent to being included in a Bollywood film called “3 Idiots.” Region Of Ladakh. The beautiful Lake is around 134 Km extending from India and China. The lake is situated at a great altitude of 4360m and is one of the most visited places by tourists in India.

The Lake is famous for its nature of changing colours, the colour of the lake doesn’t remain the same throughout the day, it changes from blue to grey to red to green during various intervals of The day. The saline lake has crystal clear water and is surrounded by beautiful Barren mountains. The portrait becomes more beautiful by collaboration with blue sky and barren mountains. Must visit during your Ladakh Trip and enjoy the enormous beauty of Mother Nature.

#5 Diskit Monastery


Diskit Monastery is a significant vacation destination in the Nubra Valley, for its fantastic area, however for the 106 feet Maitreya Buddha sculpture which is found just beneath the cloister. Another Chamber of Ladakh that attracts tourists, Diskit Monastery is also known as Diskit Gompa. It is situated in the beautiful Nubra Valley. The monastery has a huge statue of Cho Rinpoche located in the middle of the Prayer Hall. The place is famous for weekend festivals and is celebrated with great joy and pleasure by the residents of Nubra Valley.

Especially it attracts tourists during its New Year Celebrations, tourists and photographers from all over the world gathered there to cover the festival. Let’s add the Beautiful place to your list of Ladakh Trips and enjoy the calming beauty of Diskit Monastery.

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