setver MS-DOS Command

Type: External (5.0 and later)


SETVER [d:]:path][filename (number)][/delete][/quiet]

Purpose: Makes Version 5 of DOS appear to be an earlier version when an application requires it.


The SETVER command displays the version table and reports a DOS version number to programs or device drivers. Use this command if you want to display and modify the version table, which lists names of programs and the number of the MS-DOS version they are designed to run with. If you want to use a program that has not been updated for DOS 6, you can add its name to the version table by using the SETVER command.


number – Specifies the DOS version number 2.11 to be reported by SETVER.EXE to the specified filename. The /delete and /quiet options cannot be used with this option. /delete – Used to remove a file from the version table. Can be abbreviated to /D. You cannot use the number option with /delete. /quiet – Used to keep DOS from displaying messages (used with /delete).


If you want to list the contents of the version table on drive C, enter setver c:

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