power MS-DOS Command

Type: External (6.0 and later)



POWER [adv:max|reg|min]|std|off]

Purpose: Used to turn power management on and off, report the status of power management, and set levels of power conservation.


Before you can use the POWER command you must use the DEVICE command in your CONFIG.SYS file to install the POWER.EXE device driver. If you enter the POWER command by itself on the command line, a status report will be displayed.


adv[:max|reg|min] – Use this option if you want to conserve power when applications and hardware devices are idle. Use MAX for maximum power conservation.

Use REG, to balance power conservation with application and device performance. Use MIN if the performance of an application or device is not satisfactory when you specify MAX or REG. The default is REG. std – If your computer supports the Advanced Power Management (APM) specification, STD conserves power by using only the power-management features of your computer`s hardware. If your computer does not support the APM specification, STD turns off power. off – Turns off power management.

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