What are The Requirements for Fiancé Visa in the UK?

Being betrothed is always a special moment for every person out there. You are about to share everything you have with that special person. We don’t think many things are as beautiful as this one. Besides the usual stress and uncertainty, the process itself is somewhat pretty straightforward in terms of formalities and bureaucracy.

But getting married to some who’s not from your state can be a little bit more complex. You would need to gather certain documentation to deliver to the local institution where you can get the procedure complete. In Great Britain, a foreigner who wants to get wedded to a citizen gets a document known as a fiancé visa.

The procedure for getting one of these might seem like a complex one, but when you have a closer insight into it, you will see that it doesn’t have to be as problematic for the applicant. Prior to submitting the application, the basic things about this concept should be understood perfectly. If you need to learn more about it, visit

Without further ado, let’s see all things relevant to this concept.

The Basics


For those who are interested in living with a partner in the UK, sending an application for this permit is an absolute must. The whole point of this procedure is to allow the foreigner to live legally and be able to use all the privileges the citizens are entitled to, which is an understandable stance to take according to the word of law.

The document can last for up to half a year. The only condition for it to turn into a permanent residency over time is to get married within these six months. If that doesn’t happen, the permit gets revoked and the applicant cannot apply for a new one for a certain period. The next step after the betrothed is a partner permit, which is a pretty similar procedure

When that happens, the person is allowed to stay for additional thirty months. Naturally, extending this one is possible. After each expansion, another thirty months will be added. The process can be repeated as many times as possible until the applicant gets permanent residency, which is a procedure that can last quite a long time.

What Needs to be Fulfilled?


As you can presume, some standards need to be met for someone to be able to get the paper. The most obvious one is that both, let’s say, parties, need to be of a certain age. Both need to be either 18 or older. Also, both of them should be free to marry, which means that they are not in any other similar relationship with someone else.

Another obvious condition is that they know each other personally. So, couples who have met each other through the internet, but didn’t see each other before are not eligible. Plus, both of them need to show the determination to live in the UK in the future, without moving to another country any time soon.

Without any doubt, both of them need to have a certain level of knowledge of the language. We can all presume that the partner that lives in the country already knows it. So, if the foreigner doesn’t, this can become a problem for getting this document. Finally, the couple needs to have adequate accommodation.

Financial Requirements

We want to shine a light on a specific requirement. We are talking about financial requirements that the couple needs to fulfill. The person who applies for this document is known as someone who depends, and the spouse who has citizenship of the country is perceived as a sponsor by the law.

Since we are talking about the sponsor, it becomes obvious why financial requests are important in this situation. There are a couple of ways this can be achieved. For instance, it can be done through employment or cash savings. All of these categories require a certain string of documents.

Common Reasons for Denial


Now, let’s take a look at the commonest reasons for denial.

1. Insufficient Evidence

Probably the commonest reason for this claim being denied is insufficient evidence that the relationship between a citizen and a foreigner is truthful. There are numerous signs of this happening. A good example is a significant age difference, and another one is a short period of dating before engaging.

The clearest red flag here is that the relationship doesn’t last for more than two years. Therefore, the applicant will need to provide some evidence that this has happened. For instance, we are talking about some images where the couple is together or some bills of them going on a vacation. The possibilities are endless.

2. Not Meeting Requirements

As you can presume, not meeting the necessities is also a big factor in denying someone the right to apply for this sort of permit. We’ve already mentioned what the necessities are. According to studies done on this subject in the United Kingdom, we can see that the commonest one by far is a couple not seeing each other before the application.

As we’ve stated, it happens due to the growing trend of people meeting through various social media platforms. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the country the foreigner comes from is hundreds or thousands of miles away from the UK. The distance doesn’t matter in this situation. Meeting each other before matters.


3. Not Being Eligible

The final reason we want to point out is the legal limitations for engaging. It can happen for numerous reasons. For instance, foreigners are already in marriage in their country. At the same time, maybe the couple has a secretive relationship, which usually leaves a lot of space for doubt for the institutions.

The Bottom Line

Marring with a foreigner is not as simple a process, especially when we are talking about Great Britain. In this article of ours, we’ve provided our readers with all they need to know about the necessities for getting this sort of document. We’re certain they will find them useful and informative.

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