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Movie Review: “Interview with the Antichrist”

Do you believe in the Great Tribulation and do you know when it will happen? Did it already happen? Is that event still far away in the future? Or are we currently living through that event? In the biblical passage, Olivet Discourse, Jesus talks about the Great Tribulation and the war, famine, disaster, suffering, pain, and persecution that will be brought upon all people on planet Earth. Some would say that the event is still far away in the future while others believe it is happening today. Timothy A. Chey succeeds to depict what that could look like with his movie “Interview with the Antichrist”.

As you might assume from reading the title, the film mostly focuses on the interview between Alex Carter was played by Aaron Groben and the antichrist played by Ego Mikita’s. A back-and-forth conversation while trying to cover some very heavy and meaningful topics. At times, this movie can be tough to chew because of these hard topics, but I think that is exactly what Timothy A. Chey wanted to achieve.

It should make you feel uneasy or afraid of the Great Tribulation or the Rapture because we might be leaving through those advanced right now. So many wars, diseases, mass shootings, bombings, fake news media, and loss of faith throughout the world. This movie should help people get back their belief that the Great Lord will be here to save people and bring salvation.

The truth about the Antichrist

Whether you see this film as complete fiction, you cannot ignore the fact that the Antichrist is real. He can take all kinds of different forms, but it is important to remember that he is here among us and he is the one that brings doom, pain, and suffering to this world and those around you. Almost everything bad that happens around us on a larger scale is because of him. He is a tyrant, a trickster in some would even say the Son of Satan.

His plans and ideas are always evil and will do anything in his power to bring suffering. This is why it is so important to be aware of the existence of the Antichrist and his real power. The longer we ignore his existence and the longer we forget about the Great Lord, the more we will suffer. This is what the movie tries to tell the audience.

Keep in mind, the film ever tries to tell you what to think. It is up to you to find a difference between reality and fiction. You have to determine what kind of power he really has or whether he is as evil as the movie portrays him.

Incredible acting

The film is quite long, being one hour and 40 minutes, but it does not go through many different scenes. As said previously, the main focus is the entire point is the interview and not what is happening outside. The apocalypse might be coming, but the salvation is in the questions and the answers of the Antichrist. It is the moment when people should look for salvation instead of trying to fix the impossible.

So, even with such a small amount of scenes and characters, the film was still great because of that incredible acting.

Ego Mikitas as the Son of Satan himself executed the role incredibly. Even in the first scene when you see Ego Mikitas walking down the warehouse, you know that it is the antichrist because his walk in his expression is pure evil. As he starts talking, you hear that the parents carry a voice that sends shivers down your spine.

The answers to the questions and the questions of the interviewer, Alex Carter, make the Son of Satan even scarier than his outer shell. He has caused so many wars, killings, shootings, executions, and does not have any kind of mercy for Christians. While we discover all of this, he does not even bat an eye. That is how emotionless and evil he really is.

To bring balance to the interview, Aaron Groben also manages to execute his role perfectly as the interviewer. In those moments, it makes sense to be scared and afraid, especially when facing the apocalypse and the Antichrist and that is what Aaron successfully did every time.

However, even though his character was afraid of the evil in front of him, he still managed to get through it and ask all of those important questions that would help bring back faith to the 2 billion people watching on TV.

I also have to mention a few other characters or actors who made an impactful appearance. Brian J. Ames, Jose Rosete, Nadia Maximova, Rachael Anderson, and many others.

Viewers should know more about Bible prophecy

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Before you go ahead and watch this excellent movie, I think it would be best to advise you to learn more about Bible prophecy if you need to or if you can. Naturally, you can enjoy the film outright, but it would be best to remind yourself about certain prophecies of the Bible. This could help you understand some of the questions posed by the interviewer and the answers coming from the antichrist.

But, as I said, you can still enjoy it even without any kind of preparation or knowledge about the Rapture.

“Interview with the Antichrist” is set to officially release in theaters in September 2024, but you can actually get it now on video on demand ever since 21 December 2024. If you have watched any of Timothy A. Chey’s previous films such as “Final: The Rapture” from 2013 or “Gone” (2002) and if you like them, this is a definite watch.

I also have to mention that the film has great replay value. There are so many small but important details that I missed and I was glad that I watched it again after a few days. So many little bits and pieces of information that hint toward the Rapture and the Salvation from the Great Lord.

You can watch the video on Vimeo.

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