Great Reasons for Sydneysiders to Get Their Pipes Relined

An inevitable consequence of homes and commercial properties getting older is that certain parts will deteriorate as time takes its course. It might be roofs that need a replacement, or concrete surrounds that crack and need relaying owing to things happening out of sight underground.

Many jobs can be done by the householder who carries limited skills, such as some basic interior work and even fitting a new bathroom, if more competent and confident.

However, many other tasks are most certainly best left in the hands of professionals, with those requiring pipe relining in Sydney being one of them.

Broken pipes that are affecting water flow can be a major worry, with the thoughts of whole areas being needed to be excavated and extensive work having to be carried out. However, modern technology has helped in doing away with such expensive and lengthy jobs that can cause huge inconvenience when the expert team are called in.


The clever system sees a small CCTV camera being sent down the drain, so it can investigate what the problem is, be it a broken pipe or a blockage. The results allow the experts in all plumbing requirements to decide on the best course of action without having to dig up large areas.

Before any repairs are carried out, it is essential that the pipe is clear of all debris, and this is done by inserting a high-powered water jet that can also rid the area of any tree roots in readiness for the relining work to take place. The peace of mind being offered will allow a householder to consider the reasons to replace their windows instead.

A textile liner is inserted into the pipe so that the right length is prepared prior to it being soaked in an epoxy resin, which is then inserted into the pipe using a drum before hot water is pumped through to allow the resin to cure and set.


Once the work is done, the expert plumbers will reinspect the job to ensure that all has been completed to the highest standards and the pipe is 100% watertight to prevent any further issues. The property owner can relax and maybe enjoy some family leisure time. Old pipes can cause structural damage to properties of a similar age, so the lining can also be used as a preventative measure without waiting for breakages and problems, adding additional value to a building while providing it with advanced longevity.

The resin used is stronger than PVC piping and is a cost-effective solution, coming in at around 50% cheaper than having a new pipe fitted. The materials used are safe and reliable, and simple for the plumbers to use, meaning a quick and first-class job.

Calling in the experts to reline a broken or aging pipe is an easy way to ensure issues are not repeated, and that the property increases in value following a professional job. It saves time and money when compared to a full replacement.

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