What does TCP/IP or IPX Mean?

What does TCP/IP or IPX mean?

What is TCP/IP?

TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol, Internet Protocol, a set of networking protocols that allows two or more computers to communicate. TCP/IP was developed by the Department of Defense for the Defense Data Network, and has since been widely adopted as a networking standard.

For more information, you may consult the several TCP/IP-related FAQ’s.

These documents also are posted frequently to the Usenet newsgroup

What is IPX?

IPX (Internetwork Packet Exchange) is a networking protocol from Novell that interconnects networks that use Novell’s NetWare servers and clients. IPX is a datagram or packet protocol that works at the network layer of communication protocols and is connectionless (that is, it doesn’t require that a connection be set up before packets are sent to a destination as, for example, a regular voice phone call does).

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