Registry Toolkit For advanced users

The Registry Toolkit
  By Funduc Software

Many times computer users have minor problems with their computers that can be easily resolved with minor changes or corrections made to the Windows registry. However, it can get expensive to take your computer to a technician or have one visit you just to make a small change. We cannot over stress the fact that if you are an occasional user and not familiar with editing the Windows registry that you should not do so without the appropriate precautions! Armed with the right tools and a little forethought, you can make some of these registry changes yourself.

While the Registry Toolkit is really for advanced users, this utility lets you search and replace within the Windows 95/98/NT/2000 registry. You can do a regular expression search or replace, chose data types to process, browse the registry, compare import versus existing data, select specific keys and values to copy, move or delete, and even export keys, use scripts, print, and more. While it is is Shareware and not Freeware, the cost is minor when compared to the usefulness of the tool.

You can search and replace (See the screen shot) registry data values, keys (or any combination thereof) and specify the types of data to process. A browse function lets you scroll through the registry to select a starting point for your search and/or replace. You can create and edit keys, values, and data, delete keys and values (after confirmation), as well as undo the last changes you made.  Output functions let you preview the changes that would be made by a replace in advance of actually making the replace. Replace preview parameters can be set up to let you interactively select specific replacements to be made in advance of the actual operation. This is also available for the undo function, you can reverse all or some of the last change(s) made. Regular expression search and replace using a grep-like syntax is possible – no other utility does this. The program can also use DOS environment variables during a search and replace.

You can import and export .reg files. The import function has a registry comparison preview that permits you to view existing versus new data. You can adjust what is displayed in the preview and then eliminate some items from the operation before merging the data. A unique ‘Operations’ function can be used to copy, move,  export selected values to another location in the registry or a separate .reg file, or even delete them if need be.  Script and command line functions are available for automated and/or complex operations. Registry Toolkit will even operate on a remote registry with proper permissions enabled. A print (w/ preview) function lets you print the display.

Some of the latest add-on features include:

  • Multiple ‘undo’ files that are named automatically. This provides you with a change history that you can use if you need to backtrack one or more changes.
  • The number of files to maintain is configurable via a registry setting (see the program hlp and readme.txt).
  • The most recent operation can be reversed from the program interface via an ‘Undo last replace(s)’ function in the Edit Menu.
  • The program now list values and/or values and data under the highlighted key.
Browse the registry.

Confirmation prompts for replaces can be turned off.

Search/replace binary data.

Searches can be case sensitive or not.

Great for network administrators.

Aprogress meter keeps you informed during long operations.

Configurable toolbar.

Context sensitive help.

Support is available in the Help File and from [email protected]

Download the Registry Tool Kit


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