Using ShellNew to add and remove items from Explorer

ShellNew Add/Remove

If you have ever installed any software packages like Adobe, Office 97, Office 2000, Print Shop Pro, WordPerfect or even WinZip, at some point you noticed another item had been added to the “Right Click” New menu on your desktop. Some of us take advantage of these additions, some of us ignore them and others go through the gyrations necessary to remove them via registry changes using RegEdit.

Well a small program has been released that makes dealing with this minor headache a little easier. ShellNew is a small program that allows you to add or remove unwanted items from the NEW menu in Explorer. While right now you can only view the actual file extension of the file that you want to add or remove, the author promises that in next version this will probably change.

This image is also added to the Help button in the program.

Download (ShellNewAR.exe 1.956 Mb) from the authors server.

Note: If you should have any difficulty downloading this application from the above link, email us an we will make it available on our server.

You can visit the authors home page by clicking this link: ShellNew Home Page.

ShellNew is a product of MWC, Inc. ©2000 All Rights Reserved. 

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