Drive Image Pro by PowerQuest

Drive Image Pro 4.0

By: PowerQuest

Release Date: 09\08\00 Size: 29 Megs License: Shareware $99.00 – $220.00

Requires: Windows 95\98\NT\2000\ME

Drive Image® Pro™ 4.0 provides IT professionals with powerful cloning tools for fast, flawless system deployment. Whether the need is to distribute a new operating system, update an application suite, or simply move all of a user’s personal files and settings from one computer to another, Drive Image® Pro provides the answer.

With TaskBuilder’s user-friendly interface it’s easy to create scripts for use within any framework. These scripts can automate such tasks as cloning and deploying systems. The PowerCast feature (SmartSector™ technology combined with TCP/IP multi-casting) makes deploying an image to multiple systems simultaneously fast and easy, while Delta Deploy can be used to deploy an upgrade for a single application. Drive Image® Pro even supports Microsoft RIS technology for installing or replacing operating systems. For added control, Drive Image Pro includes PartitionMagic® Pro – PowerQuest’s premiere partitioning software. For added flexibility, Drive Image® Pro now supports Windows Me and Windows 2000 Professional. PowerQuest is committed to provide the complete data deployment solutions relied on by IT Professionals worldwide.

Key Benefits:

  • CD-R and CD-R/W Support – Drive Image Pro now includes the ability to create an image directly to a SCSI or ATAPI CD-R or CD-R/W drive (MMC-2 compliant).
  • Native 32-bit Windows PowerCast Server – Use SmartSector® technology combined with TCP/IP multi-casting to simultaneously deploy systems across the enterprise in minutes.
  • TaskBuilder – Provides an easy-to-use interface to build custom deployment scripts for use with any framework.
  • Enhanced Operating System Support – Drive Image® Pro now supports Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 Workstation, Millennium, 2000 Professional, or DOS (5.0 or later).
  • SmartSector® Technology – Copy only the sectors containing data, which dramatically reduces creation and restoration times and ensures that disk space is not wasted cloning empty sectors.
  • Exact Imaging – This not only ensures that the image you create for deployment is an exact duplicate of the original, it also ensures that any performance enhancements will also be preserved.
  • PartitionMagic® Pro – Drive Image® Pro includes the world’s best partition management solution-allowing you to create, resize, move or convert partitions before or after deployment.
  • DeltaDeploy™ – Manage changing desktop environments from a central location, and distribute software updates and changes across the network and Internet.
  • PQPrep – Provides a simple interface for creating, editing and testing Microsoft SysPrep answer files and for creating an image for deployment.
  • NTFS Support – Ability to create/restore an image directly to/from an NTFS partition.
  • Image File Editor – New Explorer-like interface for viewing image files and restoring individual files/folders from an image. Lets you selectively copy partitions to create a new customized image.
  • Microsoft RIS Support – Supports Microsoft RIS technology for installing or replacing an operating system.
  • Image Creation Scheduling – Lets you decide how often you want to be reminded to create an image.
  • Image Integrity Checker – Verifies an image file is not corrupt.
  • Bootable PQI CD – Drive Image® Pro provides an easy process for creating a bootable recovery CD of your hard disk that can be used for disaster recovery.
  • Image Size Estimator – Estimates the image size and suggests how many units of selected media will be required prior to cloning.

Limitations: 30-day trial.

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