Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security* provides essential Internet protection for your home PC with a complete, integrated security and privacy suite. If you use the Internet, you can’t afford to be without the protection of Norton Internet Security. Norton Internet Security Family Edition is a rich collection of programs providing key tools for protecting your PC and your family.

Norton AntiVirus* is the #1 anti-virus software in the world. It protects your PC against destructive Internet viruses as well as malicious ActiveX* controls and Java* programs.

Norton Personal Firewall* alerts you to unauthorized incoming and outgoing connection attempts by hackers.

Norton Privacy Control* prevents personal information like email addresses and credit card numbers from being retrieved from your PC without your knowledge.

Norton Parental Control* lets you set up different Internet privileges for each user to prevent access to objectionable sites.

Additional components include ad blocking to reduce screen clutter and increase download speeds and Symantec’s LiveUpdate* technology which provides automatic web updates to virus definitions, firewall patterns, types of malicious internet code, and the locations of objectionable sites.

For more information on Norton Internet Security or for online support, please visit the Symantec web site.

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