Encryption Plus

Encryption Plus* Secure Export protects all the information you send to others or place on the Internet. Your recipients do not need any special software to read your files. Encryption Plus Secure Export encrypts data for transmission over the Internet, on diskette, and CD-ROM, via modem, e-mail, or over a network. With Encryption Plus Secure Export you can effectively protect business plans, client lists, product specifications, confidential memos, financial data, contracts, family papers, and more.

Business & Personal Computing Benefits

Latest Encryption Technology Encryption Plus Secure Export uses the latest technology to secure your data. Our software uses the well-known and documented Blowfish algorithm, a fast, exportable, and secure 56-bit block cipher.

Safe Transmission of Data to Non-Users

Encryption Plus Secure Export enables you to share sensitive data with others, even if they do not have special software installed. Encrypted files can be sent to others via diskette, Internet, e-mail, etc. The recipients of these files will be prompted for a password when the files are accessed.

Simple File Recovery

Data files are easily recoverable.

Encryption Plus* Secure Export Features

  • Easy-to-use point-and-click encryption application that protects your sensitive data files
  • Transmits confidential data to others, even if they do not have special software installed
  • Easy recovery of data files.
  • Interface enables you to manage Encryption Plus Secure Export entirely from one window

Support & Service
PC Guardian offers full technical support to all Encryption Plus Secure Export users. Contact them at [email protected].

For more information on Encryption Plus Secure Export, click here.

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