Year 2000 Readiness

Year 2000 (Y2K) Readiness Disclosure

As spring approaches, and the clamor and anticipation of what might have happened in the world of computers quickly reaches an end, we begin looking towards other important issues throughout the world. Over the coming months we will be posting here the results of our Y2K readiness and how many of our customers faired throughout this period. Here are some of the highlights of what we found and what we were able to do.

Our Preparation

When talks began of potential Year 2000 issues in the summer and fall of 1997, we began alerting our customers for whom we had provided computers, workstations and servers. We advised our customers that there was evidence that there could be a multitude of problems stemming from a time rollover to January 1, 2000, which could include system crashes and data loss stemming from hardware related problems, such as Bios or Prom chip problems, as well as software related problems. In those cases where we were aware of specific software packages in use by our customers, we provided them with alerts to potential issues that might effect them as we learned of them. In the beginning of 1999, as a precaution, we began testing each motherboard in our inventory, as well as any new shipments, to insure that they were Year 2000 Compliant.

Our Home and Home Business Customers

The great majority of our Home and Home Business customers heeded our warnings and began examining the possibilities, starting with hardware issues right on through to software. While many waited until the last possible minute trying to choose whether to repair, upgrade or replace, not one of our customers entered Year 2000 with a significant problem.

Our Small Business Customers

Although a great many of our small business customer heeded the warnings and performed repairs, upgrades and in some cases entire system replacements, there were many that did not. In the fourth quarter of 1999, we performed more repairs, upgrades and outright replacements then we had in the previous three quarters of the year. Some customers waited to see if their systems would crash, and many of them did! This is truly unfortunate, as we make it a practice not to press any customer to purchase equipment that they may not need. In any event, our service facilities remained available throughout the holiday period in the event our customers required service.

Our Large Business and Enterprise Customers

Our Large Business or Enterprise level customers weathered the “Y2K Storm” without a single hardware related problem. Most of these customers were on service contracts that enabled them to make their repairs at a minimum of cost as compared to last minute upgrades or outright replacement. Of course, there were a great many software related issues that needed to be dealt with, however these were handled by the respective software vendors and did not involve us.

We estimate that by March 31, 2000, all remaining hardware related Year 2000 Issues for all customers will have been closed.

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