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5 Care & Maintenance Tips for Your Window Shutters

The best way to improve the indoor appearance of your home is with window shutters. But, installing them is not all, and cleaning and proper maintenance is also a must and for many reasons. With that said, keeping them in the best possible condition is not an easy task, but if they are not in a good state, it will not only look bad but can also cause some health issues. That is why regular cleaning is a must, and if you don’t know or have trouble doing so, you should check out these five maintenance tips for your window shutters.

Regular maintenance

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Regular cleaning is essential because of many things. The whole house looks better, and there is no annoying dust that can be harmful to your health. If cleaning is done regularly, it is much easier to carry it out because there is not too much dirt that needs to be cleaned. Under some normal conditions, window shutters should be thoroughly cleaned at least once every six months. In case you live in an area where there is a lot of dust, this time will certainly be shorter. Regular and detailed cleaning will make things much easier for you, and it is something that others will surely notice. To make the job easier for those who do not have the time, or don’t like this chore, make a cleaning schedule, as it could help a lot knowing when the cleaning day is.

Use the right tools and products

Those who plan to maintain window shutters without adequate equipment or already have trouble doing so should know that detailed cleaning is not possible without proper tools and cleaning products. Different materials require a different approach, and it is pretty important to adapt to that, as everything else may be useless. The cloths of microfiber are something that you will probably need for every window shutter, and the vacuum cleaner can be useful for most of them. It can be the perfect way to get rid of the annoying dust most easily.
Changing the cleaning product can be a real challenge sometimes since the wrong one can make the job more challenging, and in some cases, it could actually ruin the shutters.

For shutters made of wood, it is always necessary to choose some mild detergent than for those made of vinyl or faux wood. For shutters made of faux wood or vinyl, you can use chemical detergents, and the only thing to think about is not to use too much of them to avoid staining. Using the microfiber cloths can save you of all-day cleaning, and you should always have a dry one for final touches. Wooden shutters can change the color if they remain wet, so remember to dry them properly, always. A window deodorizer will make the whole home smell better and give it a fresh new look, and another thing to try is to clean the wood shutters with a cloth sprayed with any polish product made for furniture or lemon oil. By doing so, one will avoid shutters staying wet, and they will get a vivid look.

Handle them properly

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Sufficient cleaning can extend the life of the shutters, but the proper operation is crucial if you want to avoid damages. There are many various types, and the procedure is different too. Because of that, it is crucial to be gentle with them and to avoid using excessive force. If they are the ones with tilt-rod control and the rod is visible, always use it to open them. If it is not visible but still exists, choose the one from the middle. If you always use the one on the ends, it can weaken the whole operating mechanism. Always be gentle, and if it is necessary to use some extra power to open or close them, try to adjust them with a screwdriver. It can last for a few minutes, but it can extend the shutters’ life and make your job much easier and faster.

Paint them if needed

If there are any stains or if the shutters have some spots that no matter how often or how much you clean them simply won’t come out, then there is only one solution, to paint the stains. But be careful, as the most significant thing if you decide to do so is to know the exact material shutters are made from, as there is a different paint for each kind. Therefore, for those with vinyl shutters, the one they should use is acrylic-based. The other thing to take into count is the exact color of the shutters, as no one wants to mix that up. After that, the only thing that remains is regarding the type of paint, whether it is a spray or not, and of what quality. As almost everybody would recommend, using the quality paint of quality brands will make the shutters look brand new once again, and you will also prevent any possible crack or chip. And although it may cost a little more, just remember that it is not something you do every day.

Replace them with new ones

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In case when it seems like no matter what you do, the blinds always look the same, or when repairing and restoring blinds and shutters will cost almost the same or even more as if you would buy new ones, then that is the only reasonable solution. Replacing worn-out window shutters is a decision that everyone should take time to make the right decision. Replacing them can also be a big health benefit for those who suffer from allergies as the new blinds will have no dust gathered over time in the very material. When the time to replace them comes, the best option is to buy them from a well-known provider, and doing some research, checking reviews, and asking for a recommendation can be of great help with that. Luckily enough, there are plenty of options since today there are some trustworthy websites like, where one can easily find the best window shutters currently on the market. Now, since you know where to find them, the only thing to do, the only decision to make, is about the type, size, and material you want your blinds to be.

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