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5 Care & Maintenance Tips for Your Window Shutters

The best way to improve the indoor appearance of your home is with window shutters. But, installing them is not all, and cleaning and proper maintenance is also a must and for many reasons. With that said, keeping them in the best possible condition is not an easy task, but …

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Is it Possible to Repair Rust on Your Car without Welding

The oxidation of iron is known as corrosion. A more common term is rust. That is the term that most of us use when referring to corrosion. One of the main reasons why most of us are so familiar with that term is because it often happens to vehicles which …

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Trade Paint: The Biggest Paint Secret Hiding in Plain Sight

Anyone who has ever had the chance to stand beside and run their hand along an F1 car might be surprised at how smooth it feels. Obviously, the car has been waxed to within an inch of its life to let air flow happen as easily as possible, but there’s …

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