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The Main Goal of Using Rubber Stoppers

Sometimes the simplest inventions have the most impact on our lives, and we’d like to dedicate this special moment to mention and give credit to rubber stoppers. These little things keep millions of homes, facilities, factories, and whatnot free from water and gas leaks, which is so amazing for something that costs less than a cent to make.

Of course, not every rubber stopper is equal. Some are more qualified than others, some have a different purpose than others, but at the end of the day they all matter equally.

In today’s article, we’ll help you learn more about rubber stoppers in general, what they’re used for and we’ll throw in a few extra interesting facts. So, if you are looking to broaden your knowledge on this topic, now’s the right time to do so. Buckle up and let’s go.

The history of stoppers and corks

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Most people know rubber stoppers by the name “rubber bung.” It doesn’t really matter how you call them though since both of these two, or any other similar terms refer to the same item. Some call it “corks” or “rubber corks” so you may hear that one as well, don’t let it confuse you.

When it comes to the history of these things, some say the idea was known to Romans and Greeks, and this is confirmed through numerous mentions in books from those times. Back in their time stoppers were used to seal off wine vessels. However, they were not made out of rubber, but from corkwood instead.

However, since technology is advancing and we’re slowly realizing which material is optimal for a certain purpose, we switched from using corkwood to rubber instead. So, all this talk about stoppers and corks, but what exactly are they?

What exactly are they?

If you’ve ever been into a lab or saw a glass flask on TV or on a documentary before, you probably know that people working in the lab close those flasks in order to avoid liquid pouring out in case they ever fall, or simply due to a chemical reaction. It’s important to keep those flasks safe from outdoor circumstances as well. Nothing needs to get out of that flask but nothing needs to sneak in as well. This problem can be quite easily solved with one really helpful invention called a rubber stopper. The name is pretty self-explanatory.

In case you are interested in seeing how rubber stoppers manufactured by a reputable company look like, as well as a few other rubber products, is a website where you can learn more visually, or even order if you like what you’re seeing.

Different types and uses of rubber stoppers

Rubber stoppers differentiate mostly in size, and currently, there are about sixteen different sizes that are considered the industry standard. Ranging from the smallest 12,7 millimeters on the top side and 8,2 on the bottom, up to 127 mm on top and 90mm on the bottom. This size range can cover multiple different flasks, including Erlenmeyer Flasks with 2500ml capacity, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, and 4000ml. But, rubber stoppers are not used only for this purpose.

People have been really creative with them and on really frequent occasions, these items are used in a way that’s quite different than their main purpose. For example, some use them as furniture sliders, edge-smoothers, and even for art. Yes, some people make art in the form of mosaic tiles using these little items.

When it comes to furniture sliding, they do a tremendous difference and help you keep your hardwood floors smooth and pristine. If you were to glide furniture without anything added on the bottom side, and we’re talking about furniture that has no wheels, there’s a high chance of ruining your floors. Scratches happen quite easily, but not if you use rubber stoppers. That’s not all. While we’re at furniture, these little things can be used to create balance if you have an unstable kitchen element, a wardrobe that’s uneven, or a bed that’s clunky. Tons of uses actually.

Purchasing advice for rubber stoppers

Since nowadays online shopping is more popular than ever, people visit marketplace websites to get these helpful things delivered to their doorstep. That’s great, but these marketplaces know you really depend on them in such difficult times, so most of them will bump up prices. Well, in order to avoid spending extra money, we suggest purchasing rubber stoppers in bulk, because that’s how you can get a discount from the manufacturer easily. And, as always, make sure to compare prices between different manufacturers to find the one that’s most affordable.

Other creative uses of rubber stoppers

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Let’s say you want to use these for a custom project or even something related to art. It’s quite possible to do so, but it’s worth mentioning that rubber stoppers don’t come exclusively in the round and circular shapes. You can find them in many different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes, but they can also be custom-made. If you find a manufacturer willing to take custom orders, you can ask for some really “awkward” shapes, which is perfectly fine if you need them for a personal, custom project.

They can also be used to temporarily seal holes in wooden walls during an accident or an unexpected leak. Bottles and flasks as well. They’re just way too useful to not have a bunch of them in your home really.


Rubber stoppers are a really simple yet extremely helpful invention. Due to their simplicity, people use them for many different purposes, and we covered it all in this article. If you are willing to purchase rubber stoppers make sure to get them in bulk as it’s the most efficient way of getting a discount from most manufacturers. Custom-made designs are also possible.

As always, we thank you for the time you took off to read this article, and we hope we helped you learn something new. We’ll see you at the next one.

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